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889 Candidates to Contest Phase 6 of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Across 8 States and UTs

Delhi, 19 May 2024: The sixth phase of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 will witness 889 candidates vying for seats across 8 states and union territories (UTs). This phase also includes the adjourned poll in the 3-Anantnag-Rajouri parliamentary constituency (PC) of Jammu and Kashmir, where 20 candidates will contest.

A total of 1,978 nomination forms were submitted for 57 PCs across 7 states and UTs for this phase. Following the scrutiny of these nominations, 900 were deemed valid. Specifically, in the 3-Anantnag-Rajouri PC, 28 nominations were initially filed during phase 3, and 21 were found valid.

State-wise Breakdown of Nominations and Contestants:

  • Uttar Pradesh received the highest number of nomination forms, with 470 filed for 14 PCs.
  • Haryana followed with 370 nominations for 10 PCs.
  • The 8-Ranchi PC in Jharkhand recorded the maximum number of nominations at 70, followed by the 2-North East Delhi PC in the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi, which saw 69 nominations.

On average, there are 15 candidates contesting per PC in this phase.

Detailed State/UT-wise Data for Phase 6:

  • Bihar: 8 PCs, 246 nominations, 89 valid, 86 contesting.
  • Haryana: 10 PCs, 370 nominations, 239 valid, 223 contesting.
  • Jammu and Kashmir: 1 PC (Anantnag-Rajouri), 20 contesting.
  • Jharkhand: 4 PCs, 245 nominations, 96 valid, 93 contesting.
  • NCT of Delhi: 7 PCs, 367 nominations, 166 valid, 162 contesting.
  • Odisha: 6 PCs, 130 nominations, 65 valid, 64 contesting.
  • Uttar Pradesh: 14 PCs, 470 nominations, 164 valid, 162 contesting.
  • West Bengal: 8 PCs, 150 nominations, 81 valid, 79 contesting.

The final count of contesting candidates after withdrawals stands at 889.


  • The scrutiny process whittled down the total nominations to a valid 900.
  • The 3-Anantnag-Rajouri PC’s election was deferred from phase 3 to phase 6.
  • Uttar Pradesh leads with the highest number of nominations, indicating a highly competitive electoral environment.

As the country moves towards the latter phases of the elections, voter engagement and candidate campaigning have intensified. This phase is crucial for determining the political landscape of several key states and UTs.

The Election Commission of India continues to ensure a smooth and fair electoral process, as millions of voters prepare to cast their votes in this penultimate phase of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.


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