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CBSE Clarification on Technical Vocational Subjects for Higher Education Admission

CBSE Clarifies Technical Vocational Subjects for Admission to B.E./B.Tech. and Other Professional Courses

In a recent development, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Education, Government of India, has issued a significant clarification regarding the inclusion of Technical Vocational Subjects for admission to various professional courses in higher educational institutes. This announcement comes as a response to numerous queries received by CBSE regarding the eligibility of certain subjects for admission to 1st year B.E./B.Tech. and other professional courses.

Date: 08.08.2023

CBSE’s Stance: In its official notification (CBSE/SE/DIR/MISC/2023), CBSE has categorically stated that certain subjects offered by the board at the Senior Secondary Level (Class XI & XII) fall under the ambit of technical vocational subjects. These subjects have been meticulously curated to equip students with specialized skills that are directly relevant to real-world industries. Students who have studied these subjects during their senior secondary education can now consider them as valid options for admission to 1st year B.E./B.Tech. and other professional courses in higher educational institutions.

List of Eligible Technical Vocational Subjects: CBSE has outlined the following subjects as technical vocational subjects eligible for admission to higher educational institutes:

  1. Information Technology (Subject Code 802)
  2. Web Application (Subject Code 803)
  3. Automotive (Subject Code 804)
  4. Agriculture (Subject Code 808)
  5. Horticulture (Subject Code 816)
  6. Typography & Computer Application (Subject Code 817)
  7. Geospatial Technology (Subject Code 818)
  8. Electrical Technology (Subject Code 819)
  9. Electronic Technology (Subject Code 820)
  10. Multi-Media (Subject Code 821)
  11. Air-conditioning & Refrigeration (Subject Code 827)
  12. Medical Diagnostics (Subject Code 828)
  13. Artificial Intelligence (Subject Code 843)
  14. Data Science (Subject Code 844)
  15. Electronics & Hardware (Subject Code 847)

Accessing Curriculum and Study Material: Students and interested parties can find detailed information about the curriculum, study materials, and other essential resources related to these technical vocational subjects by visiting the dedicated Skill Education webpage on the CBSE Academic website. To access this valuable information, please navigate to the following URL:

Conclusion: The Central Board of Secondary Education’s clarification regarding the eligibility of Technical Vocational Subjects for admission to higher educational institutes opens up new avenues for students to pursue their academic and professional aspirations. By offering specialized skill sets aligned with industry demands, CBSE continues to empower students to make informed choices and excel in their chosen fields of study. For those considering a career in engineering, technology, and other professional domains, these technical vocational subjects now present a viable and promising pathway.

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