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CBSE Introduces Mandatory Art-Integrated Projects for Classes I to X

In a recent circular dated December 18, 2023, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), has mandated Art-Integrated Projects for classes I to X. This initiative comes as part of Subject Enrichment activities under Internal Assessment, emphasizing the holistic development of students.

The circular, identified as Acad-137/2023, refers to an earlier Circular no. Acad-54/2023 dated 25th April 2023, where CBSE outlined the requirement of a minimum of one project work. This project work is deemed mandatory, aiming to integrate any art form from the paired State/Union Territory, as defined under the Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat Programme.

Art Integration Guidelines and Submission Details

To facilitate the implementation of this initiative, CBSE advises schools to refer to the guidelines on Art-Integrated Learning released on April 18, 2019, marked as circular no. Acad. 22/2019. The comprehensive guidelines are available on the CBSE Academic website at

Submission Procedure via KALASETU Portal

All affiliated schools are mandated to submit the details of their Art-Integration Project for the academic year 2023-24 through the KALASETU Portal. The submission period for these project details commences from December 18, 2023, and extends until January 31, 2024. Schools can access the portal at

Clarifications and Queries

Should any queries arise, institutions can direct them to DS (Academics) via email at

The integration of art within the academic curriculum not only fosters creativity but also encourages a deeper understanding of cultural diversity and promotes a well-rounded educational experience for students.


The introduction of mandatory Art-Integrated Projects by CBSE for classes I to X marks a significant stride towards promoting interdisciplinary learning and nurturing creative skills among students. By mandating this initiative, CBSE aims to create a more holistic educational experience, emphasizing the importance of artistic expression in education.

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