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CBSE Prepares Students for Board Exams with Annual Psychological Programme

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is kicking off its annual pre-exam psychological programme today, January 1, 2024. This initiative aims to equip students and parents with the necessary tools and techniques to navigate the pressure of upcoming board exams, scheduled to begin on January 15 and conclude on February 15.

The CBSE pre-exam program, now in its 26th year, boasts a two-phase format. The first phase, running before the exams, focuses on stress management and exam preparation strategies. The second phase, commencing after the results are announced, provides additional support and stress relief for students who may be anxious about their performance.

Leveraging diverse platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels, the CBSE proactively disseminates crucial information and resources. Additionally, it offers:

  • Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS): Free access to a toll-free number (1800-11-8004) providing guidance in both English and Hindi. This service dispenses crucial contact details for CBSE offices, answers frequently asked questions, and shares valuable tips for stress-free exam preparation and time management.
  • Informative Podcasts: Engaging bilingual podcasts covering diverse topics related to exam preparation and stress management are readily available on the CBSE website (
  • Personalized Tele-counselling: CBSE schools across India will facilitate personalized guidance through tele-counselling sessions delivered by a dedicated team of 65 trained counsellors, special educators, and principals. This service is accessible from 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM and extends even beyond national borders, offering support to students in Nepal, Japan, the Middle East, and Kuwait.

By proactively addressing mental well-being and instilling confidence through its comprehensive pre-exam programme, the CBSE empowers students to approach their board exams with resilience and focus.

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