CBSE Registration Guidelines for Class IX/XI, 2023-24

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CBSE Registration Guidelines for Class IX/XI, 2023-24
CBSE Registration Guidelines for Class IX/XI, 2023-24

New Delhi, September 13, 2023 – The process of CBSE Registration of students for Class IX and XI in the academic year 2023-24 is now underway, and it plays a crucial role in shaping the future of these students. This registration process is not only vital for the planning and organization of the upcoming Class X and XII examinations but also serves as a means to ensure the accuracy of students’ personal information. In the event of any errors in the provided data, immediate corrections can be made, thus averting potential issues down the road.

Timely and Accurate Submission

To ensure the seamless execution of this registration process, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has outlined specific guidelines that schools must follow. Adherence to the schedule provided in Annexure-A is of utmost importance. The CBSE website ( hosts the Pariksha Sangam link, where the registration of candidates will take place.

Schools are urged to meticulously plan the submission of candidate data within the given schedule. Beyond timeliness, accuracy is paramount. Schools have been pre-informed by the Board to have precise student data readily available for submission at the commencement of the registration process.

Key Actions for Registration

To facilitate a smooth registration process, several actions must be taken by schools:

  1. Comprehensive Meeting: Principals are advised to convene meetings with individuals or teachers entrusted with the responsibility of completing the registration process. These meetings should involve a detailed discussion of the provided circular, ensuring a thorough understanding of the instructions before data submission.
  2. Eligibility Criteria: Only students registered through the online submission of registration data as per the circular will be permitted to appear for the Class X and XII Board’s Examinations in the 2024-25 session. Schools must ensure that the registered students are their own regular and bona fide students and meet all eligibility criteria.
  3. Regular Attendance: Students must be regularly attending classes in the respective schools, and they should not be registered with any other School Education Board besides CBSE.
  4. Admission Eligibility: Students registered for Classes IX and XI should be eligible for admission in these classes and intend to appear for Class X and XI Board’s Examinations in the following year, as per the Examination Bye-Laws.

Compliance with Affiliation Bye-Laws

The CBSE has also emphasized the importance of adhering to the Affiliation Bye-Laws. Schools must:

  • Present a list of students and their particulars for Classes IX, X, XI, and XII at the beginning of each academic session as prescribed by the Board.
  • Only present candidates for the Board’s examination who are on their rolls.
  • Ensure that candidates are not presented for examinations in unaffiliated schools or branches.
  • Satisfy the minimum attendance requirement for candidates appearing in Board’s examinations.

CWSN Students

Special attention should be given to the category of Children With Special Needs (CWSN) students. Their details must be meticulously selected and submitted in the registration data to ensure that necessary accommodations can be provided during examinations.

Online System Features

The online registration system has introduced several features to streamline the process:

  • Schools should keep their data on the OASIS & HPE Portal updated.
  • Only TGTs/PGTs teaching relevant classes should be designated as such to ensure eligible evaluators for quality evaluation.
  • Teachers who have left the school should be removed from the data, and those not in the existing data should be included.
  • Full names of teachers should be provided without abbreviations.
  • Schools must first enter information on the OASIS portal, and once submitted, changes to declared section/strength of students will not be allowed.

Age Limit and Personal Data

Adherence to age limits determined by the State/U.T. Government is imperative during the admission process. Additionally, schools must provide full names of candidates, parents, and guardians, avoiding the use of abbreviations. Ensuring the accuracy of names and dates of birth is essential to avoid future complications.

Subject Selection and Combinations

Schools are urged to offer subjects in accordance with the Scheme of Studies provided by the CBSE. Special care must be taken when choosing subject codes to avoid errors.

Data Submission

Details of all students should be submitted in one complete lot for each fee slab. Partial submission of data will not be accepted. Additionally, the practice of sending a signed copy of finalized data to the Regional Office has been discontinued. Registration data will now be uploaded online, linked with the Principal’s Aadhaar.

Data Correction and Timely Submission

It’s essential to note that there will be no window for correction in the uploaded data. The responsibility for uploading correct data lies with the school. Therefore, schools should complete the online submission within the given schedule to avoid potential connectivity issues or server load on the last day.

Understanding the Fee Structure

When it comes to registering for Class X/XI, understanding the fee structure is of paramount importance. The fees vary depending on whether you are registering without late fees or with late fees. Let’s break down the fee structure:

Without Late Fee

For students registering without any delay, the registration window is from 12th September 2023 (Tuesday) to 12th October 2023 (Thursday). During this period, you can finalize your registration data within four days from the date of registration. Here’s a glimpse of the fee structure:

  • Registration Fee: Rs. 2300/-
  • Training Fee: Rs. 10,000/-
  • Sports Fee: Rs. 10,000/-

These fees are to be paid along with the registration fee.

With Late Fee

If, for some reason, you miss the initial registration window, you can still register with late fees. The late registration window is from 13th October 2023 (Friday) to 25th October 2023 (Wednesday). Similar to the no-late-fee registration, you have four days to finalize your registration data. The late fee structure is as follows:

  • Registration Fee: Rs. 2500/-
  • Training Fee: Rs. 10,000/-
  • Sports Fee: Rs. 10,000/-

Again, these fees are to be paid along with the registration fee.

Understanding Key Dates

To avoid late fees and ensure a hassle-free registration process, it’s crucial to be aware of the key dates. The date of finalization of registration data plays a significant role in fee calculation. Here’s how it works:

  • If students’ details are entered and finalized on or before 21st October 2023, the school can pay the fee till 25th October 2023 without a late fee.
  • If students’ details are entered and finalized on 22nd October 2023, the school can pay the fee till 26th October 2023 without a late fee.
  • This pattern continues, with each day’s finalization allowing a specific window for fee payment without incurring late fees.

Payment Methods for CBSE Registration 2023-24

The fee payment method is essential to understand. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) accepts fees only through digital payment modes. In India, these modes include:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • RTGS (Real-Time Gross Settlement)
  • Digital Fee Wallet

For schools outside India, the accepted modes are:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication)
  • Digital Fee Wallet

CBSE has introduced a digital Fee Wallet system, allowing schools to top up their wallets and have fees deducted automatically after data finalization. This ensures a streamlined and cashless payment process.

Registration Process for CBSE Registration 2023-24

Completing the registration process involves several steps:

Step 1: Number of Sections and Students

Schools must enter the number of sections and the number of students, ensuring accuracy based on the information provided in OASIS. Once entered, this information cannot be changed.

Step 2: School Details

Schools should update any corrections in school details, including the Principal’s name, phone number, experience, school website, valid email address, and authorized personnel for online student data submission.

Step 3: Teacher Training Details

Provide mandatory details about teacher training in the schools. These details should be filled accurately and will be submitted along with the final list to the concerned Regional Office.

Step 4: Uploading Student Data

Schools can enter student data individually if there are few students. For bulk entries, schools can download an Excel file, fill it with data, and upload it. After thorough checking, the data can be uploaded.

Step 5: Finalization and Fee Payment

Once all corrections, including spelling mistakes, are addressed, and the list is error-free, the data should be finalized. The requisite fee should then be deposited using the available digital payment modes.

Step 6: Printing Final List

Print the final list of registered students, with the heading “FINAL LIST OF STUDENTS OF CLASS__.” Ensure that the printer settings are adjusted for A4 size paper with landscape printing.

Step 7: Affixing Photographs

Affix recent passport-size photographs of students on the printed list, ensuring that the name and date are visible. Obtain the student’s signature in the designated space.

Step 8: Verification and Contact Details

The school must verify all details, including the registration fee, training fee, sports fee, and the photographs. Ensure the correctness of contact details and retain a copy of the final list for future reference.

Important Contact Information & Official Notification for CBSE Registration 2023-24

In case of any difficulties or queries, concerned Regional Offices can be contacted for assistance. Schools are also encouraged to guide students about the importance of providing accurate data during registration to minimize the need for data corrections in the future.

Ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of registration data submission is crucial to the smooth conduct of examinations and the overall academic progress of the students. The CBSE remains committed to providing a transparent and efficient registration process for all stakeholders involved.

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