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Chinese Space Company Makes History with Successful Rocket Launch

  • Chinese company Space Pioneer launched its Tianlong-2 rocket into orbit from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Inner Mongolia on April 2, marking the first time a liquid-fueled rocket has been launched into orbit by a Chinese aerospace firm.
  • The Tianlong-2 rocket is capable of carrying 2,000 kilograms to low Earth orbit or 1,500 kg to a 500-kilometer-altitude sun-synchronous orbit, and is fueled by coal-based kerosene.
  • The rocket is a major milestone for Beijing Tianbing Technology Co., as it enables the launch of small satellites, and has a “three flat and one vertical” test and launch mode, enabling liquid rocket launch from a simple cement field.
  • China’s commercial space sector is growing, with over 20 private and commercial rockets expected to be launched from China this year. Beijing Tianbing Technology Co. plans to improve its reusable large liquid carrier rockets, heavy liquid carrier rockets, and manned space shuttles, and use advanced aerospace propulsion technology and service solutions to enable orbital transportation and intercontinental transportation.
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