Chitkara and SRM Dominate Khelo India Games Varsity Titles in Table Tennis at KIUG 2022

Chitkara and SRM Dominate Khelo India Games Varsity Titles in Table Tennis at KIUG 2022
Chitkara and SRM Dominate Khelo India Games Varsity Titles in Table Tennis at KIUG 2022

Chitkara University and SRM University emerged as the champions in the thrilling finals of the Khelo India University Games 2022 Table Tennis tournament held at the prestigious BBD Badminton Hall. Chitkara University displayed their dominance by defeating Chandigarh University with a convincing 3-0 victory, while SRM University outclassed Adamas University with a similar scoreline. Let’s delve into the details of this intense competition and the remarkable performances that secured the coveted varsity titles for Chitkara and SRM.

Chitkara University Triumphs in the Men’s Category

In an outstanding display of skill and determination, Chitkara University emerged as the champions in the men’s team event. Yashansh Malik set the tone for their victory by securing a commanding 3-1 win over Divyansh Srivastava from Chandigarh University. Despite an impressive performance by Srivastava, Malik’s superior technique and strategic shot placements propelled him to success.

Jeet Chandra from Chitkara University faced a tough challenge from Jash Modi of Chandigarh University. Initially trailing 0-2, Chandra found his rhythm and fought back relentlessly, clinching the last three games to secure a remarkable comeback victory.

Wesley, a talented left-handed player from Chitkara University, posed a formidable challenge to Khelendrajit Yengkhom of Chandigarh University. With his deceptive service and sharp backhand attacks, Wesley left little room for Yengkhom to mount a substantial challenge, ultimately securing another crucial win for Chitkara.

SRM University Shines in the Women’s Category

SRM University’s women’s team demonstrated exceptional skills and teamwork to emerge as the champions in the Khelo India Games Varsity titles. The experienced duo of V. Kowshika and Kavyashree Baskar played a pivotal role in their team’s success. Kowshika displayed her prowess by defeating Dipanwita Basu from Adamas University in straight games, laying a strong foundation for SRM’s victory.

Kavyashree Baskar continued SRM’s dominance by overpowering Munmun Kundu, an accomplished player representing Adamas University. Despite Kundu’s valiant efforts, Kavyashree’s forehand winners and solid backhand strokes proved to be the difference, securing another crucial win for SRM.

Flora Gladlyn, despite a shaky start, showed resilience and took her team closer to victory. After a back-and-forth battle with Shreya Ghosh from Adamas University, Flora emerged victorious in a thrilling encounter, contributing significantly to SRM’s overall triumph.

SRM’s Unyielding Spirit and Trophy Presentation

SRM University showcased immense determination throughout the competition, overcoming obstacles to secure a well-deserved top podium finish. The support of seasoned players like V. Kowshika and Kavyashree Baskar, along with the noteworthy performance of S. Flora Gladlyn, played a crucial role in SRM’s remarkable success.

The prestigious trophies and medals were presented to the deserving winners by Girish Yadav, the Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs from Uttar Pradesh. The glittering ceremony added a touch of grandeur to the event, honoring the hard work and dedication of the athletes.


The Khelo India University Games 2022 Table Tennis tournament witnessed fierce competition and exceptional performances by Chitkara University and SRM University. Chitkara’s dominant display in the men’s category and SRM’s outstanding performance in the women’s category led them to secure the coveted varsity titles. The triumphs of these universities serve as a testament to the skill, determination, and passion of the players and highlight the immense talent pool in Indian table tennis. As the curtains draw on this thrilling event, the memories of outstanding rallies, strategic brilliance, and glorious victories will continue to inspire future generations of table tennis enthusiasts in India.

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