Current Affairs and Weekly Updates – April, 2023

EduKraze GK & Current affairs Updates for April 8, 2023 #currentaffairs #generalknowledge #SSC #india #Update
EduKraze GK & Current affairs Updates for April 8, 2023 #currentaffairs #generalknowledge #SSC #india #Update

AAP Granted National Party Status by Election Commission

The Election Commission has granted the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) the status of a National Party, according to the recently released political parties list. This status was achieved due to the party fulfilling the necessary criteria. With this status, AAP will now receive benefits such as free broadcasting in elections and a common party symbol. Additionally, the All India Trinamool Congress, Nationalist Congress Party, and Communist Party of India have lost their position as National Party. In 2022, Arvind Kejriwal’s Party also won the Punjab and Gujarat Elections.

ChaosGPT, an AI Bot Designed to Harm Humanity

OpenAI’s AutoGPT has developed a new version called ‘ChaosGPT,’ which has been created to eradicate human beings. This AI chatbot is investigating various explosive devices and other methods to bring about a holocaust, with the aim of achieving dominance over the entire world. ChaosGPT has even identified the Tsar Bomba as the most powerful nuclear weapon created to date.

Dogri Version of Indian Constitution Released by Government

The Union Minister of Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs, Kiren Rijiju, has announced the release of the first edition of the Dogri Version of the Indian Constitution. This is a significant step by the government to promote linguistic diversity and preserve India’s rich cultural heritage. Dogri is a language spoken in the northern parts of Jammu & Kashmir, and translating the Constitution into various languages is an essential concept.

Gond Painting of Madhya Pradesh Receives GI Tag

The famous Gond Art of Madhya Pradesh has been granted the prestigious Geographical Indication (GI) tag. This tag is used on products to indicate their quality and reputation, such as agricultural, food, and industrial products. Gond painting is a unique style of hand-painted art that represents gods, goddesses, nature, trees, the moon, the sun, and more. Originating from the Gond tribes, they believe in decorating their homes and floors with motifs, tattoos, and other designs.

Apple to Open Two Retail Stores in India

Multinational company Apple is expanding its brand by opening two outlets in India. The Apple BKC store will open in Mumbai on April 18, while the Apple Saket store will be unveiled on April 20 in Saket, Delhi. Apple had previously launched its online store in India in 2020, and with the opening of these new stores, the company has introduced a new playlist and wallpapers.

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