Today’s Daily Current Affairs in Hindi & English | 6th June 2023

Today’s Daily Current Affairs in Hindi & English | 6th June 2023
Today’s Daily Current Affairs in Hindi & English | 6th June 2023

Get the latest Daily Current Affairs in Hindi & English for 6th June 2023. Stay informed and download the PDF for a comprehensive overview of the day’s news.

Welcome to today’s edition of Daily Current Affairs in Hindi & English. In this PDF, you will find a compilation of the most important news and events that took place on 6th June 2023. Stay updated and informed with our concise summaries.

Today’s Daily Current Affairs in Hindi & English PDF |6th June 2023

1. World Environment Day 2023 – #BeatPlasticPollution

1.1 India’s Clear Path: Championing Climate Change and Environmental Protection with Prime Minister Narendra Modi

India is actively pursuing a clear plan for climate change and environmental protection, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He emphasized the country’s efforts to eliminate single-use plastic and promote recycling. Modi also highlighted the increased number of wetlands and Ramsar sites in India, as well as the launch of new schemes for eco-tourism and mangrove ecosystem preservation. He emphasized the importance of balancing development with environmental conservation and mentioned India’s achievements in renewable energy and agricultural exports. The Prime Minister also noted the global support for India’s climate-friendly initiatives.

1.2 Southern Naval Command’s World Environment Day: Beat Plastic Pollution with Beach Clean-Up Drives and Mangrove Restoration

The Southern Naval Command celebrated World Environment Day with a focus on beating plastic pollution. They organized clean-up drives along beaches and waterfront areas, collecting 4700 kg of waste and restoring mangroves. Vice Admiral MA Hampiholi and other participants took part in the clean-up drive. Over 1600 saplings were planted, and various awareness programs and competitions were held. Naval units in other locations also conducted similar events, and children from Navy schools actively participated in the activities.

1.3 Environmental Conservation Initiatives by Western Naval Command: Mangrove Rejuvenation, Clean-Up Drives, and Sustainable Practices

The Western Naval Command is actively involved in promoting environmental conservation activities along the west coast. They focus on rejuvenating mangroves, organizing community clean-ups, workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns. They also implement sustainable policies, green initiatives, and energy-saving practices. They have established a Miyawaki forest and participate in mass coastal clean-up drives. They adopt the theme of “Beat Plastic Pollution” and conduct various activities like plantation drives, lectures, seminars, and painting competitions. Pledge taking ceremonies are held to ensure a greener and healthier environment.

1.4 CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum Celebrates World Environment Day: Preventing Plastic Pollution and Climate Change Awareness

CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun celebrated World Environment Day with the theme “Preventing Plastic Pollution.” The Chief Guest, Sh. Anoop Nautiyal, emphasized the need to reduce single-use plastic and educate others about its harmful effects. Dr. Sunil Pathak discussed the Climate Clock, which counts down to the time left for the global temperature to rise by 1.5°C. The event concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Shri Anjum Sharma.

1.5 Mega Event on Mission LiFE: Promoting Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Conservation

Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare organized a Mega Event on Mission LiFE on World Environment Day in New Delhi. The event included tree plantation, exhibition on natural and organic farming, and panel discussions on linking Mission LiFE to organic and natural farming. Officials highlighted the importance of sustainable agricultural practices, climate change adaptation, and recycling of wastes in agriculture. The event aimed to promote environmental sustainability, preserve biodiversity, and mitigate the impact of climate change. Two champion farmers practicing natural farming were honored, and a large number of participants took the pledge under Mission LiFE.

1.6 Indian Navy’s Green Initiatives: Embracing Green Technology for a Cleaner and Sustainable Future

Indian Navy embraces green technology for a cleaner future. Initiatives include solar power, eco-friendly agents for oil spill cleanup, carbon dioxide-based refrigeration, and hydrogen fuel exploration. The Navy aims for energy efficiency and reduced emissions while promoting indigenous development and collaboration.

1.7 Ahmedabad Inaugurates Oxygen Park on World Environment Day for Cleaner Air and Reduced Pollution

Ahmedabad inaugurated an oxygen park on World Environment Day, aiming to increase oxygen levels and reduce pollution. The park will have 75,000 trees planted using the ‘Miyawaki’ method and will offer various amenities like walking trails and yoga spots. Oxygen parks can serve as green lungs for cities, improving air quality and promoting health. India is sharing the concept of oxygen parks as part of its efforts to address environmental challenges and climate change.

1.8 Accelerating India’s Transition to E-cooking: Conference on Consumer-Centric Approaches for Affordable and Clean Solutions

The Indian government organized a conference on consumer-centric approaches for transitioning to e-cooking on World Environment Day. The conference aimed to accelerate the deployment of energy-efficient and affordable e-cooking solutions in India. Officials highlighted the benefits of e-cooking, such as its environmental friendliness and the availability of 24/7 electricity. They emphasized the need for affordable business models and the use of renewable energy sources.

The Director General of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency emphasized the minimal barriers to adopting e-cooking and the importance of replication at scale. The transition to e-cooking was seen as a win-win solution for the power sector and consumers, contributing to improved quality of life, reduced carbon emissions, and better indoor air quality. The conference discussed enablers, approaches, and consumer-centric behaviors for adopting e-cooking solutions. The focus on e-cooking is aligned with Mission LiFE, which aims to promote sustainable lifestyles and protect the environment.

1.9 World Environment Day 2023: Beating Plastic Pollution and Mission LiFE for Sustainable Living

World Environment Day 2023 focuses on beating plastic pollution. Over 400 million tonnes of plastic are produced annually, with only 10% being recycled. This leads to significant environmental and health problems, as microplastics contaminate our food, water, and air. The day aims to raise awareness and mobilize actions worldwide. India’s Ministry of Environment promotes sustainable living through the Mission LiFE campaign. A month-long mass mobilization campaign has been conducted to spread awareness and encourage responsible resource use. Various functions are organized across India, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasizing the importance of environmental protection.

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2. National

2.1 Indian Railways Appeals for Identification of Deceased in Odisha Rail Accident: Assistance Provided

Indian Railways and the Odisha Government are working together to help families locate their relatives involved in a tragic rail accident in Bahanaga, Odisha. They have provided links to photos of the deceased, lists of passengers in hospitals, and details of unidentified bodies. Railway and BMC helpline numbers are available for assistance, and a control room has been set up in Bhubaneswar to guide people to hospitals or mortuaries. Officials are present to support the process.

3. International

3.1 Chief of Army Staff Gen. Manoj Pande’s Visit Strengthens India-Bangladesh Defense Relations

Chief of Army Staff Gen. Manoj Pande is visiting Bangladesh for a two-day trip to discuss and strengthen defense relations between the two countries. He will meet with senior Bangladeshi military officials, attend the passing out parade of officer cadets, and present the ‘Bangladesh India Friendship Trophy.’ This visit follows Bangladesh Chief of Army Staff General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed’s visit to India in April, where they discussed enhancing bilateral cooperation.

3.2 UAE Extends Oil Output Cut Until 2024, OPEC Plus Agrees on Production Adjustment

UAE extends oil output cut until end of 2024, OPEC Plus agrees on production adjustment. OPEC and non-OPEC countries agreed to adjust crude oil production levels. JMMC has the authority to convene additional meetings if needed. Next ministerial meeting scheduled for November 26, 2023.

3.3 German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius Visits India to Boost Bilateral Defence Cooperation

German Federal Minister of Defence Boris Pistorius will visit India for four days to enhance bilateral defence cooperation and explore strategic partnership. He will meet with Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and focus on promoting a submarine deal. The visit will also include meetings with defence start-ups and visits to Mumbai’s Western Naval Command and Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited.

3.4 Army Chief General Manoj Pande’s Visit to Dhaka Strengthens Defense Ties: Highlights and Tribute to Fallen Soldiers

Army Chief General Manoj Pande arrived in Dhaka for a two-day visit to Bangladesh. He paid tribute to fallen soldiers, discussed defense relations, and will review a passing out parade. The visit aims to strengthen ties between the two countries’ armies.

4. Business

4.1 Government Securities Auction: Buy Bonds with Varying Interest Rates and Maturity Dates

The Government of India will hold an auction to sell government securities, including bonds with different interest rates and maturity dates. The auctions will be conducted by the Reserve Bank of India, and the government has the option to retain additional subscriptions. Eligible individuals and institutions can participate in the auction. Bids should be submitted electronically, and the results will be announced on June 9, 2023. Payment by successful bidders will be made on June 12, 2023. The securities will be eligible for “When Issued” trading.

4.2 India’s First International Cruise Vessel Flagged off from Chennai to Sri Lanka: Boosting Cruise Tourism

India’s first international cruise vessel, MV Empress, was flagged off from Chennai to Sri Lanka by Shri Sarbananda Sonowal. The International Cruise Terminal at Chennai, costing ₹17.21 crores, has become operational. More cruise terminals are planned for Andamans, Puducherry, Lakshadweep, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Mormugao, and Kolkata to boost cruise tourism in India. The government aims to develop world-class infrastructure to support and enable the growth of cruise tourism and maritime trade. The cruise service will sail to three Sri Lankan ports, and various tour packages will be offered.

4.3 India’s Digital Health Initiatives for Universal Coverage and Global Impact: Highlights from 3rd HWG Meeting

India’s digital goods are intended for the world, according to Dr. V. K. Paul at the 3rd HWG meeting. Digital technology plays a crucial role in achieving universal health coverage and improving health services. India’s digital infrastructure and capabilities contribute to global economic growth and human development. Dr. Paul emphasized the importance of digital solutions and innovation to bridge the digital health divide and achieve universal health coverage. Digital health enables access to healthcare services and the exchange of health information.

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