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Today’s Daily Current Affairs in Hindi & English |1st June 2023

Get the latest Daily Current Affairs in Hindi & English for 1st June 2023. Stay informed about the important news and events happening around the world.

Welcome to today’s edition of Daily Current Affairs in Hindi & English. In this PDF, you will find a compilation of the most significant news and events from various fields.

Today’s Daily Current Affairs in Hindi & English PDF |1st June 2023

1. National

1.1 Indian Cabinet Approves World’s Largest Grain Storage Plan & UPU Regional Office

The Indian Cabinet approved the establishment of the “World’s Largest Grain Storage Plan in Cooperative Sector” by forming an Inter Ministerial Committee (IMC) and merging various ministries. The Ministry of Cooperation will implement a pilot project in selected districts to gather insights for nationwide implementation. Additionally, the Cabinet approved the establishment of a regional office of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in New Delhi to enhance India’s presence in the postal sector and strengthen diplomatic relations with other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

1.2 CITIIS 2.0: Cabinet Approves Circular Economy Program for Smart Cities

Cabinet approves CITIIS 2.0 from 2023 to 2027, focusing on circular economy. The program supports projects for integrated waste management at the city level and climate-oriented actions at the state level. It receives funding from AFD, KfW, and the EU. CITIIS 2.0 builds upon the success of CITIIS 1.0, which had city-level projects and capacity-building activities. Technical assistance is provided at all levels, promoting sustainable urban development. CITIIS 2.0 aims to develop climate resilience in 18 smart cities and strengthen climate governance nationwide. It aligns with India’s climate commitments.

1.3 Mahakumbh 2025: Digital Kumbh Museum and Tourism Preparations Unveiled

The Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh is preparing for the Mahakumbh 2025 event by improving tourism destinations, beautifying temples, and providing public amenities. As part of these preparations, the Tourism Department proposes the construction of the Digital Kumbh Museum, which will showcase the culture, history, and significance of the Kumbh Mela. The museum will offer modern amenities such as HVAC and audio-video rooms, as well as spiritual-themed galleries. Additionally, there are plans to beautify various temples and develop new infrastructure, with an estimated total cost of over Rs 170 crore.

1.4 Union Health Ministry Releases OTT Guidelines for Online Depiction of Tobacco Products on World No-Tobacco Day

On World No-Tobacco Day, the Union Health Ministry released OTT guidelines for regulating the online depiction of tobacco products in curated content. Publishers must comply with guidelines including displaying anti-tobacco health spots, warnings, and disclaimers. The Health Minister urged people to quit tobacco and adopt a healthier lifestyle. The guidelines require legible health warnings with specific messages and prohibit the display of tobacco brands or promotional materials. Non-compliance may lead to action by an inter-ministerial committee. The event also featured the launch of an online reporting dashboard and recognition of awardees.

1.5 Central Electricity Authority’s National Electricity Plan 2022-32: Increased Non-Fossil Capacity, Power Generation Funding, and Renewable Energy Focus

The Central Electricity Authority has released the National Electricity Plan (NEP) for the period of 2022-32. The plan projects an increase in non-fossil-based capacity to 57.4% by 2026-27 and 68.4% by 2031-32. It estimates a requirement of Rs. 33.60 lakh crore for power generation capacity addition from 2022-2032. The plan includes details of peak electricity demand, installed capacity, renewable energy sources, energy storage, coal requirements, and emission factors. The NEP aims to achieve a non-fossil-based installed capacity of 500 GW by 2029-30.

2. International

2.1 UAE’s Ambitious Space Mission: Exploring the Main Asteroid Belt and Origins of Life

UAE plans an ambitious space mission, MBR Explorer, to explore the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It aims to uncover the mysteries of the solar system’s formation and potential clues to the origins of life. The mission will surpass the achievements of the previous Hope Probe mission and involve a six-year spacecraft development phase followed by a seven-year journey to the asteroid belt. The MBR Explorer will conduct close flybys of seven asteroids and deploy a landing craft onto a “red” asteroid. The mission aims to investigate water-rich asteroids as a resource, assess volatile and organic compounds, and unlock insights into Earth’s origins. UAE aims to advance scientific discovery and expand the space sector.

2.2 UAE Withdraws from US-Led Maritime Coalition: Implications for Regional Security

UAE has withdrawn from the US-led maritime coalition due to its security assessment. The UAE prioritizes dialogue, diplomacy, and regional security. This decision could impact international maritime cooperation. The coalition aimed to combat terrorism and piracy in the Red Sea and Gulf areas, where there have been attacks on ships during US-Iran tensions. UAE’s strategic location made it an active coalition member.

2.3 G20 Digital Innovation Alliance Roadshow in Dubai: Importance of Digital Public Goods and Startups

G20 Digital Innovation Alliance hosted a roadshow in Dubai to discuss the importance of digital public goods and startups in the global economy. The event highlighted the transformative power of digital innovation, the need to bridge the digital divide, and ethical considerations in the digital realm. Industry leaders and policymakers emphasized the significance of sharing digital public goods for the greater good of humanity. The roadshow also showcased India’s efforts in promoting startups and announced plans for a new innovation hub. The G20 Digital Economy Working Group will hold its second meeting in Bangalore, India, including an accelerator program and awards for innovative startups. Overall, the roadshow aimed to foster international collaboration and drive digital innovation and economic growth worldwide.

2.4 Dubai’s Successful Drone Trial Revolutionizes Medication Delivery in Healthcare

Dubai has successfully conducted a trial of medication delivery using drones, showcasing its commitment to adopting advanced technologies in healthcare. The trial, conducted in collaboration with various organizations, transported medication from a hospital to a patient’s home within a 10-kilometer radius. This achievement aligns with Dubai’s vision of utilizing drones for transportation and offers benefits such as swift response, improved accessibility, and environmental sustainability. The use of drones for medical delivery sets a precedent for other cities and healthcare providers, reshaping the future of patient care.

2.5 Sri Lanka’s Inflation Battle Eases: Colombo Consumer Price Index Drops to 25.2%

Sri Lanka’s battle with inflation improves as the Colombo Consumer Price Index decreases to 25.2% in May, down from 35.3% in April. The country has been struggling with high inflation for over a year due to a foreign exchange crisis. Despite the positive trend, the central bank is expected to maintain its policy rates to support the debt-ridden economy. Sri Lanka secured a bailout from the IMF and aims to conclude debt restructuring talks by September.

2.6 Bangladesh Ratings Downgraded to Unsecured B1 by Moody’s, Outlook Stable

Moody’s has downgraded Bangladesh’s ratings to unsecured B1 but maintains a stable outlook. The downgrade is due to increased default risks and external vulnerability. Factors such as dollar scarcity, declining foreign exchange reserves, and low fiscal revenues contribute to the downgrade. However, Bangladesh’s debt burden is still moderate, and external debt payments remain manageable. The stable outlook is supported by access to concessionary financing and expected economic recovery.

2.7 India Emerges as Top Source Market for Tourism in Sri Lanka: Promising Recovery and Surge in Arrivals

India has become the largest source market for tourism in Sri Lanka, with 20,971 tourist arrivals in May, accounting for 28% of total arrivals. Sri Lanka has seen an improvement in off-season tourism, with a significant increase in arrivals compared to the previous year. The country has welcomed nearly 517,000 tourists in the first five months of the year, indicating a promising recovery for the tourism sector. The Chairman of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority plans to revise the target for tourist arrivals. Hotel prices in Colombo are declining during the off-season, and the recent surge in arrivals from India offers hope for a tourism revival in Sri Lanka.

2.8 National Poson Week: Celebrating Buddhism in Sri Lanka with Festivities and Devotee Gatherings

National Poson Week begins in Sri Lanka, celebrating the introduction of Buddhism. Devotees are expected to visit Anuradhapura, and special arrangements have been made. Fish, meat, and liquor shops will be closed during the festival.

2.9 G20 Employment Working Group Meeting in Geneva: Focus on Global Skill Gaps and Social Protection

The third Employment Working Group (EWG) meeting is being held in Geneva, Switzerland, organized by the Indian G20 Presidency. Representatives from G20 member countries, guest countries, and international organizations are attending the meeting. The focus is on three priority areas: global skill gaps, the gig and platform economy, and sustainable financing of social protection. The meeting aims to draft a Ministerial declaration and outcome documents with recommendations for the G20 Sherpas and Leaders. India is leading the delegation and expects to achieve consensus on the Outcome Documents.

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3. Health

3.1 ABPMJAY Scheme: 5 Crore Hospital Admissions & Gender Equity in Healthcare

ABPMJAY, a health coverage scheme in India, has achieved 5 crore hospital admissions worth Rs 61,501 crore. It aims for universal health coverage and focuses on gender equity. The scheme has reduced out-of-pocket expenses for medical treatments and has achieved various milestones. It is implemented in 33 states and UTs, excluding Delhi, Odisha, and West Bengal. Beneficiaries are issued Ayushman Cards for free treatment, and 56% of admissions are in private hospitals. Women have benefited greatly, with 48% of total authorized admissions being availed by them.

4. Sports

4.1 Afghanistan to Tour Sri Lanka for 3-Match ODI Series in June

Afghanistan will tour Sri Lanka for a three-match ODI series in June. The matches will be held at the Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium in Hambantota. Afghanistan aims to make their mark on Sri Lankan soil, led by Hashmatullah Shahidi. Sri Lanka sees this series as a chance to refine their strategies before upcoming qualifiers in Zimbabwe.

5. Defense

5.1 Naval Investiture Ceremony in Visakhapatnam: Gallantry & Distinguished Service Medals Presented by Chief of Naval Staff

The Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS) presented Gallantry and Distinguished Service medals during a ceremony in Visakhapatnam. The awards honored bravery, leadership, professional achievements, and distinguished service of Naval personnel. A total of 33 awards were conferred, including medals for gallantry, devotion to duty, and distinguished service. Additionally, awards for research, flight safety promotion, and best green practices were presented. The CNS praised the awardees and their families for their support, highlighting the importance of their role in protecting national maritime interests.

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