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Election Commission Releases Shocking New Voter Data – See the Numbers Now!

New Delhi, 26 May 2024: The Election Commission (EC) of India has taken significant steps to ensure transparency in the electoral process by releasing the absolute number of voters for all completed phases of the current elections. The EC emphasized that the data on votes polled, shared with polling agents on election day through Form 17C, remains unalterable.

In a press release, the EC highlighted the robust and transparent process of collecting and storing votes. This announcement comes in light of recent concerns and narratives questioning the integrity of voter turnout data. The EC clarified that such data has always been available to candidates and the public through the Voter Turnout App.

Supreme Court Support Strengthens EC’s Resolve

The EC feels bolstered by the Supreme Court’s support for its process of releasing voter turnout data. This endorsement strengthens the EC’s commitment to maintaining transparency and accuracy in the electoral process.

New Measures for Enhanced Transparency

To further ensure transparency, the EC will now release the absolute number of voters for each parliamentary constituency. This information can be easily calculated by applying the turnout percentage to the total number of registered voters, both of which are already publicly available.

The EC assured that altering the number of votes polled is impossible due to the stringent and transparent processes in place. The detailed process includes:

  • Providing the final list of electors to candidates after the list of contesting candidates is finalized.
  • Ensuring authorized agents of all candidates have Form 17C at each polling station.
  • Recording the total number of votes polled in Form 17C, which is available to all contesting candidates and cannot be changed.
  • Allowing agents to accompany electronic voting machines (EVMs) and statutory papers, including Form 17C, from polling stations to storage facilities.
  • Comparing Form 17C with results at counting centers to ensure consistency.

Voter Turnout App: A Tool for Continuous Updates

The EC has reiterated that voter turnout data is continuously available on the Voter Turnout App. This app updates estimated voter turnout every two hours on polling day and continues to provide updates after 7 PM until the data is finalized by midnight. Recent upgrades to the app now include phase-wise turnout figures and additional features for user convenience.

Press Notes and Data Availability

The EC has issued multiple press notes for each phase of the election, ensuring that voter turnout data is communicated effectively. Any perceived delays in these press notes do not reflect a lack of data availability, as the information has been consistently accessible through the Voter Turnout App.

Commitment to Transparency

The EC remains steadfast in its commitment to transparency and stakeholder involvement at every stage of the electoral process. By enhancing the format of turnout data release and ensuring its continuous availability, the EC aims to uphold the highest standards of electoral integrity.

For more detailed information, the absolute number of voters for the first five phases can be found in the annexures provided by the EC.

Source: PIBThis news article aims to keep citizens informed about the Election Commission’s efforts to ensure a transparent and fair electoral process.

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