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Fake CBSE News EXPOSED! Get Official Sources Here

In a recent advisory, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has warned the public about the spread of false and outdated information related to Sample Question Papers, Curriculum, CBSE resources, and other activities. Some online portals and websites are circulating this misleading information, claiming it is updated for the 2024-25 session.

Why You Should Be Concerned

Fake news and unverified links can create unnecessary confusion and anxiety among students, parents, schools, and other stakeholders. It’s crucial to get your information from reliable sources to avoid any misunderstandings or missteps in your academic journey.

The Only Source You Need

CBSE emphasizes the importance of referring only to its official websites for accurate and up-to-date information. Here are the trusted websites you should bookmark:

  • CBSE Official Website: The main hub for all CBSE-related announcements and updates.
  • CBSE Academic: For academic resources, including sample question papers, subjects, curricula, publications, and programs.
  • CBSE Results: Your go-to site for CBSE exam results.
  • CTET: Information on the Central Teacher Eligibility Test.
  • PRASHIKSHAN TRIVENI: Details on training-related activities.
  • CBSE SARAS: For the integrated e-affiliation system.
  • PARIKSHA SANGAM: For all exam-related activities.

Protect Yourself and Your Future

To avoid being misled by unauthorized sources, always cross-check the information with these official CBSE websites. By doing so, you can ensure that you have the correct and most recent information regarding your education.

Stay informed, stay safe, and help spread the word to protect others from falling victim to fake news.

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