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Godfrey Phillips India Sees 8.5% Decline in Q2 Profits, Drops to Rs 163 Crore

New Delhi, Nov 3, 2023 – In the latest financial report, Godfrey Phillips India, a prominent cigarette manufacturer, witnessed an 8.5% decline in its consolidated net profit during the second quarter ending on September 30, 2023. The company reported a net profit of Rs 163.01 crore during this period, as compared to Rs 178.19 crore in the same quarter the previous year.

This downturn in profitability was revealed in a regulatory filing by Godfrey Phillips India. However, it’s important to note that their revenue from operations has shown an upward trend, standing at Rs 1,374.55 crore, compared to Rs 1,191.56 crore in the previous year. The total expenses during this period amounted to Rs 1,194.03 crore, marking a notable increase of 19.80%.

During the second quarter of 2023, the total income for Godfrey Phillips India reached Rs 1,412.55 crore, reflecting a 14.4% year-on-year increase. A significant part of this income came from revenue generated by the sale of cigarettes, tobacco, and related products, which amounted to Rs 1,258.48 crore, showing a substantial increase of 16.64% compared to the previous year. Additionally, revenue from retail and related products also experienced growth, reaching Rs 117.26 crore, as opposed to the previous year’s figure of Rs 112.39 crore. This category includes sales generated through their convenience store chain, 24Seven.

However, despite the increase in revenue, the shares of Godfrey Phillips India took a hit and were trading at Rs 2,178 apiece on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), marking a decrease of 7.18% from the previous closing price.

Key Financial Highlights:

  • Godfrey Phillips India’s Q2 net profit declined by 8.5% to Rs 163.01 crore.
  • Revenue from operations increased to Rs 1,374.55 crore, up from Rs 1,191.56 crore.
  • Total expenses surged by 19.80% to reach Rs 1,194.03 crore.
  • Total income in the September quarter rose by 14.4% to Rs 1,412.55 crore.
  • Revenue from cigarettes, tobacco, and related products increased by 16.64% to reach Rs 1,258.48 crore.
  • Revenue from retail and related products saw growth, standing at Rs 117.26 crore.

This decline in profit and increase in expenses may be concerning for the company’s stakeholders and investors, especially given the high volatility of the tobacco industry and changing consumer preferences. Godfrey Phillips India operates as a convenience store chain under the brand 24Seven and holds the license agreement to manufacture and distribute Marlboro cigarettes in India.

Additionally, Godfrey Phillips India’s shares experienced a significant drop, with a 7.18% decline on the Bombay Stock Exchange. This drop in share price can be attributed to the company’s decreased profitability, raising questions about its future performance.

It’s important to note that the tobacco industry is subject to stringent regulations and consumer health concerns, which may impact companies operating in this sector. Godfrey Phillips India’s ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and regulatory changes will be critical for its future growth.

In conclusion, Godfrey Phillips India’s recent financial results reveal a decline in quarterly profit and an increase in expenses. Despite these challenges, the company has seen growth in its revenue from operations and continues to be a significant player in the Indian tobacco and retail market. The performance of its convenience store chain, 24Seven, and the sales of Marlboro cigarettes will be key areas to watch in the coming quarters as the company navigates a changing landscape.

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