Highlights of 12th May 2023

Highlights of 12th May 2023
Highlights of 12th May 2023

Highlights of 12th May 2023: Discover the exciting highlights of 12th May 2023, where unexpected events took place and left everyone in awe.

On the eventful day of 12th May 2023, remarkable incidents occurred that captured the attention of people worldwide. From surprising announcements to extraordinary achievements, let’s delve into the captivating highlights that unfolded on this memorable day.|Highlights of 12th May 2023

1. International Nurses Day Celebrated on May 12

Recognizing the invaluable contribution of nurses to the healthcare sector, International Nurses Day is observed annually on May 12. This day serves as a global campaign aiming to promote better health worldwide. The theme chosen for 2023 is “Our Nurses, Our Future.” It is a day that commemorates the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, the visionary regarded as the pioneer of modern nursing.

2. Ayushmann Khurrana to Cheer India at Special Olympics

Renowned Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana has taken on the role of leading and supporting the Indian team at the upcoming Special Olympics, an event dedicated to individuals with cognitive disabilities. From June 16 to June 25, 2023, Khurrana will be present in Berlin to uplift and inspire the participating athletes. Expressing his gratitude, the actor emphasized the limitless potential of humans and expressed his enthusiasm to meet remarkable individuals during the event.

3. SC Verdict on Same-Sex Marriage

The Supreme Court of India has decided to postpone the announcement of its final verdict on the matter of same-sex marriage. The court will reconvene after its Summer Break to deliberate further. In the recent ruling, the court reserved its judgment on legalizing same-sex marriage across the country. During the proceedings, a panel of six lawyers, including the Chief Justice of India, presided over the session, considering arguments from both sides before deferring the decision to the Parliament, the highest legislative authority in India.

4. India’s First Reading Lounge Opened

Setting a remarkable precedent, the Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport has become the first airport in India to unveil a dedicated reading lounge. This exclusive space offers a diverse collection of books covering various subjects, including literature, international languages, and more. Visitors can also find books authored by young talents published under Prime Minister Modi’s Yuva Yojana, along with books centered around Kashi. The National Book Trust (NBT) played a crucial role in establishing this reading haven for travelers.

5. 35th Edition of CORPAT Exercise

Between May 3 and May 10, 2023, the 35th edition of the India-Thailand Coordinated Patrol (Indo-Thai CORPAT) took place, fostering cooperation between the Indian Navy and the Royal Thai Navy. The Indo-Thai CORPAT involved the participation of the indigenously developed Indian Naval Ship (INS) Kesari, alongside His Thai Majesty’s Ship (HTMS) Saiburi, a Chao Phraya Class Frigate, and Maritime Patrol Aircraft from both navies. This joint endeavor focused on enhancing operational synergy and facilitating the exchange of crucial information to combat illegal immigration in the Andaman Sea.

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