IIT Madras will host 8th Edition of E-Summit, From 7th April

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E summit by IIT

IIT Madras ‘Entrepreneurship Summit 2023’ to feature more than 800 Start-ups & 5000 students from across India

Overview of E-Summit 2023 hosted by IIT Madras

Indian Institute of Technology Madras Entrepreneurship Cell is set to host the eighth edition of its annual ‘Entrepreneurship Summit’ from 7th to 9th April 2023 in physical mode at the IIT Madras campus. The Summit has received all ISO, G20, and UNESCO Certifications, making it the first-ever student-run entrepreneurial festival in India to do so. The event will cater to over 800 start-ups in various sectors with participation from over 400 colleges across India.

Importance of student-run entrepreneurship events for India’s startup ecosystem

E-Summit 2023 will feature over 35 investors, 40 highly notable speakers, and more than 50 events spread across four conclaves – Youth Conclave, Innovators’ Conclave, Start-up Conclave, and Sustainability Conclave. Prof. V. Kamakoti, Director, IIT Madras, highlights the significance of such student events and states that innovation and entrepreneurship are crucial for India’s journey towards progress.

Sponsors and partners of E-Summit 2023

The event is supported by WestBridge Capital, DBS Bank, and Zolvit. Around 640 start-ups are participating in the ‘Innovators Conclave’ with another 400 participating in the ‘Start-up Conclave.’ The Youth Conclave has recorded around 2,900 registrations, and the Sustainability Conclave has received over 600 ecological and entrepreneurial ideas towards sustainability.

Participation and events at E-Summit 2023, including different conclaves, Elevate competition, and Bootcamp accelerator program

E-Summit 2023 will also witness the inauguration of the seventh edition of the annual Entrepreneurship Insider, the Entrepreneurship Magazine of IIT Madras. Moreover, the event has introduced special events, masterclasses, and workshops for all baskets of the audience, including school students and rural entrepreneurs, along with the primary audience.

The sixth edition of the prestigious pan-India fund-raising competition, ‘Elevate,’ featuring 300 startups from various domains, will also be held during E-Summit 2023. The event also brings forth the eighth edition of the Startup Accelerator Program, Bootcamp, which comprises 5 tracks, featuring around 500 early-stage startups from across India.

Inspirit lectures by industry leaders at E-Summit 2023

E-Summit is characterised by its line-up of flagship Inspirit lectures where industry leaders from across sectors give talks highlighting their personal travails in grappling with the central theme of the summit. This year’s line-up will include eminent leaders from different domains like Inmobi Group, Masters Union, Udaan, IvyCap Ventures, Pristyn Care, Nexus Ventures, Dr. Vaidya’s, and Monk Entertainment.

Some additional information about E-Summit 2023:

  • It is the eighth edition of the annual entrepreneurship summit hosted by the Entrepreneurship Cell of IIT Madras, and it will be held in physical mode on the IIT Madras campus from April 7-9, 2023.
  • The summit has received ISO, G20, and UNESCO certifications, and is the first student-run entrepreneurial festival in India to receive all three.
  • The event will cater to over 800 startups in various sectors and over 400 colleges across India will participate.
  • E-Summit 2023 will feature over 35 investors, 40 notable speakers, and more than 50 events spread across four conclaves – Youth, Innovators’, Start-up, and Sustainability.
  • The summit also includes the sixth edition of the Elevate competition and the eighth edition of the Bootcamp accelerator program.
  • Some of the prominent speakers at E-Summit 2023 include Abhay Singhal (Founder of Inmobi Group), Pratham Mittal (Co-Founder of Masters Union), Gaurav B. (CTO of Udaan), Vikram Gupta (Founder of IvyCap Ventures), and Shruti Seth (Actor and Host in several Bollywood movies).

Further details about E-Summit are available on the website: https://esummitiitm.org/.

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