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Celebrating India’s Constitution Day: CBSE Urges Schools to Honor the Spirit of Democracy

As the nation gears up to celebrate Constitution Day on 26th November, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has sent out a circular, urging all affiliated schools to actively participate in commemorating this significant occasion. This day holds immense importance in honoring the adoption of the Constitution of India, marking the guiding principles that frame the nation’s governance and values.

In a recent circular, Dr. Joseph Emmanuel, Director (Academics) at CBSE, addressed all heads of schools affiliated with CBSE, emphasizing the need to observe Constitution Day with dedicated activities that highlight and reinforce the constitutional values integral to the nation’s fabric.

Encouraging Participatory Activities – India’s Constitution Day

The circular outlined several activities that schools can organize to celebrate Constitution Day:

1. Reading the Preamble

A crucial part of the celebrations involves reading the Preamble to the Constitution of India. CBSE has facilitated an online provision through the MyGov portal, allowing individuals to participate in the ‘Read the Preamble’ initiative. Participants can access the portal here and obtain a certificate upon completion.

2. Competitions for Students

To engage students actively, schools are encouraged to conduct various competitions such as quizzes, essay writing, and poster making contests. These activities aim to instill a deeper understanding of the constitution’s essence among the younger generation.

3. Webinars and Talks

Additionally, schools have the flexibility to arrange talks or webinars focusing on constitutional values and the fundamental principles enshrined in the Indian Constitution. These sessions serve as educational opportunities to delve into the core values that shape the country’s governance.

Reporting and Participation

To ensure accountability and to showcase the efforts made by each school, CBSE has requested that a brief report detailing the conducted activities be submitted through the provided link before November 30, 2023.


Constitution Day stands as a testament to India’s democratic ethos and constitutional principles. Through active participation in various activities, schools aim to inculcate a sense of constitutional awareness and patriotism among students and all stakeholders.

In conclusion, the CBSE’s initiative to encourage schools to celebrate Constitution Day serves as a commendable effort in nurturing an understanding and appreciation of India’s constitutional heritage among the youth.

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