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Onam Festival 2023- The Biggest Festival of Kerala

Discover the essence of Onam, Kerala’s most splendid festival, where the legendary King Mahabali’s spirit graces the land, and ten days of vibrant celebrations showcase the state’s rich cultural heritage.

Onam, the grand and exuberant festival, stands as the crowning jewel in the cultural landscape of Kerala, India. This vibrant celebration takes place during the Malayali month of Chingam, typically falling between August and September. At its heart lies the enchanting legend of King Mahabali’s homecoming, a tale that infuses the festival with deep significance. Let’s delve into the kaleidoscope of Onam, where tradition, culture, and merriment come together in a joyous spectacle.

The Legend of Onam

Onam’s essence revolves around the return of the benevolent King Mahabali, an erstwhile ruler of Kerala. Known for his wisdom, generosity, and love for his subjects, King Mahabali’s reign was marked by prosperity and harmony. However, the gods grew envious of his popularity and sought the intervention of Lord Vishnu.

In response, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Vamana, a Brahmin dwarf, and approached King Mahabali. Vamana requested three paces of land, a seemingly humble wish. With each step, Vamana covered the earth, the sky, and the netherworld. In his magnanimity, King Mahabali offered his own head for Vamana’s third step. Pleased by this sacrificial act, Lord Vishnu granted Mahabali the right to visit his people during Onam, ensuring his enduring presence in their hearts.

The Ten-Day Extravaganza

The splendor of Onam unfolds over ten glorious days, each marked by unique customs and celebrations. Here’s a glimpse of this extraordinary journey:

1. Atham – The Prelude

The festivities commence with Atham, as people adorn their homes with beautiful flower rangolis, known as Pookalams. This day sets the stage for King Mahabali’s arrival.

2. Chithira – Vibrant Preparations

Chithira witnesses the embellishment of Pookalams with vibrant hues, symbolizing the growing excitement for the grand celebration.

3. Chodi – Adorning Loved Ones

Chodi is marked by the exchange of gifts, as people buy new clothes and jewelry for their dear ones. Pookalams continue to flourish.

4. Vishakam – Preparing for the Feast

Preparations for the sumptuous Onasadya, a grand feast with over 26 delectable dishes, begin on Vishakam.

5. Anizham – The Boat Race

The famed Vallamkali, a breathtaking boat race, takes place on the serene waters of the Pamba River, captivating spectators.

6. Thriketta – Seeking Blessings

Families seek blessings from their ancestors by visiting ancestral homes and temples, and Pookalams are adorned with fresh blooms.

7. Moolam – Onasadya Commences

Temples offer the grand Onasadya feast, and folk dances like Pulikali and Kaikottukali fill the air with rhythm and joy.

8. Pooradam – Gesture of Invitation

Clay statues of King Mahabali and Vamana are placed in the center of Pookalams, symbolizing the gesture of inviting Mahabali to every home.

9. Uthradom – Preparing for King’s Arrival

Uthradom, known as First Onam, witnesses elaborate preparations to welcome King Mahabali, including dishes made from freshly harvested produce.

10. Thiruvonam – The Pinnacle

Thiruvonam, the grand finale, is a day of feasting, festivities, and unity. Elaborate designs are drawn at doorsteps to welcome King Mahabali’s spirit.

Onam Attractions and Customs

Apart from these main days, Onam showcases a variety of attractions and customs that highlight Kerala’s rich cultural heritage. The captivating Kummatti kali, the vibrant Pulikali or Kaduvakali, and the enchanting Kathakali dance form are among the many cultural treasures.

Onam Recipes – A Culinary Delight

Onam is synonymous with sumptuous feasting, and the festival boasts a plethora of traditional dishes. From the flavorful Parippucurry to the delectable Palada Pradhaman, each dish is a testament to Kerala’s culinary prowess.

Onam 2023 – Celebrating With Zeal

In 2023, Onam is set to be celebrated with unparalleled zeal. The festivities will span from August 20 to August 31, culminating in the auspicious Thiruvonam day.


Onam, the grandiose festival of Kerala, serves as a harmonious blend of cultural heritage and joyous celebration. As King Mahabali’s spirit graces the land, the ten days of Onam radiate with vibrant colors, melodious songs, and the aroma of delectable feasts. Through its customs, legends, and festivities, Onam stands as a testament to Kerala’s rich cultural tapestry and unwavering spirit.

FAQs About Onam

1. What is the significance of Onam?

Onam marks the return of King Mahabali, a beloved ruler known for his generosity and wisdom. It symbolizes unity, cultural heritage, and the bounties of nature.

2. How is Onam celebrated?

Onam is celebrated with fervor over ten days, featuring traditions like Pookalam decoration, boat races, dance performances, and the grand Onasadya feast.

3. What is the legend behind Onam?

The legend revolves around King Mahabali, whose sacrifice and benevolence earned him the privilege of visiting his people during Onam.

4. What is Onasadya?

Onasadya is an opulent feast consisting of numerous dishes, traditionally served on banana leaves. It is a central element of Onam celebrations.

5. When is Onam 2023?

In 2023, Onam festivities will commence on August 20 and conclude on August 31, with Thiruvonam being the pinnacle of the celebrations.

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