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A Call to All CBSE Students! Celebrating P.N. Panicker National Reading Day, Week, and Month 2023

Celebrate P.N. Panicker National Reading Day, Week, and Month 2023 with a special invitation to CBSE students. Explore the transformative world of reading and unlock your potential. Join us on this incredible literary adventure.


Fostering a Love for Reading: P.N. Panicker National Reading Day

Reading, a foundational skill crucial for learning, holds significant importance as highlighted in the National Education Policy 2020. In commemoration of the late P.N. Panicker, the pioneer of the Library Movement in India, the P.N. Panicker Foundation organizes the P.N. Panicker National Reading Day, Week, and Month celebrations. This blog aims to inform and encourage CBSE students to actively engage in these remarkable events.

The Significance of P.N. Panicker National Reading Day

Honoring a Legacy: P.N. Panicker National Reading Day

Since its inception in 1996, the P.N. Panicker National Reading Day has evolved into a momentous movement that advocates a reading culture. This year, we celebrate the 28th National Reading Day on June 19, 2023. It is a special occasion dedicated to commemorating P.N. Panicker’s exceptional contributions to the Library Movement in India.

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Reading Week and Reading Month

Immersing in the World of Literature: Reading Week and Month

Following National Reading Day, the subsequent week is designated as Reading Week, which hosts a wide array of activities aimed at promoting reading habits. Furthermore, the festivities extend into Reading Month, spanning from June 19 to July 18, 2023. This extended duration allows students ample time to delve into the delights of reading and explore new literary realms.

Exciting Activities and Competitions

Embark on a Journey of Literary Exploration: Engaging Activities and Competitions

To ensure an engaging and enriching celebration, the P.N. Panicker Foundation, in collaboration with Schools, Colleges, and Libraries, has meticulously planned a variety of activities. These activities will be conducted in a hybrid mode, combining both physical and digital platforms. CBSE students are strongly encouraged to actively participate and seize the following opportunities:

  1. Book Fairs: Embark on a literary adventure by visiting book fairs organized in your school or local libraries. Discover a diverse range of books across various genres and subjects, expanding your horizons.
  2. Author Interactions: Engage in interactive sessions with renowned authors and gain invaluable insights into their creative processes and inspirations. This unique chance allows you to learn from the best in the literary world.
  3. Reading Challenges: Set personal reading goals and challenge yourself to read more during this special month. Track your progress and witness the rewards that come with dedicated reading.
  4. Storytelling Sessions: Immerse yourself in captivating storytelling sessions conducted by professionals or fellow students. Let the power of stories transport you to new worlds and enhance your listening skills.
  5. Book Reviews: Share your thoughts and opinions on the books you read by writing book reviews. This not only cultivates critical thinking abilities but also assists others in selecting their next literary adventure.
  6. Reading Competitions: Showcase your reading prowess by participating in reading competitions organized by the P.N. Panicker Foundation. Test your reading comprehension and speed, and stand a chance to win exciting prizes.

For detailed information about these activities and competitions, kindly visit the official website of the P.N. Panicker Foundation at


Igniting the Flame of Knowledge: Celebrating P.N. Panicker National Reading Day, Week, and Month

Reading transcends being merely a pastime; it serves as a gateway to knowledge, imagination, and personal growth. The P.N. Panicker National Reading Day, Week, and Month celebrations offer an incredible opportunity for CBSE students to embrace the joy of reading and make it an integral

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Thank you for joining us in celebrating P.N. Panicker National Reading Day, Week, and Month 2023. Keep the reading spirit alive beyond this event. Subscribe to our newsletter for more literary adventures and follow us on social media. Happy reading!

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