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RINL Achieves Outstanding Production Performance in April 2023

Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited (RINL), the Indian government-owned steel producer, has kicked off the new financial year with remarkable results. The company has recorded its best-ever performance for any April month since its inception. RINL’s production of 4,19,000 tons of hot metal in April 2023 marks a 20% increase over the corresponding period last year (CPLY-April, 2022).

Impressive Growth Across All Operations

RINL’s two blast furnaces operated at full throttle, producing a total of 2,02,000 tons of hot metal from Blast furnace-1 (Godavari) and 2,18,000 tons of hot metal from Blast furnace-2 (Krishna). These figures represent a 14% and 26% increase, respectively, over CPLY. Moreover, the company’s structural mill produced 61,000 tons of products, marking an astonishing growth of over 100% compared to CPLY. RINL’s expansion units (Wire rod mill-2, Special Bar mill & Structural Mill) achieved a production of 1,43,000 tons of finished steel, while its high-end value-added steel production reached 80,000 tons, showing more than 100% growth over CPLY.

OperationProduction (tons)Increase over CPLY
Blast Furnace-12,02,00014%
Blast Furnace-22,18,00026%
Structural Mill61,000100%
Wire rod mill-21,43,000N/A
Special Bar millN/AN/A
High-end steel80,000100%
Impressive Growth Across All Operations

Record-Breaking Technical Performance

RINL’s impressive performance extended to technical parameters as well. Blast furnace productivity of 2.09 tons (of Hot Metal) /day/cum by BF Shop (both blast furnace 1 & 2 together), a Blast furnace productivity of 2.01 tons (of Hot Metal) /day/cum by Blast Furnace -1, and a Blast furnace productivity of 2.17 tons (of Hot Metal) /day/cum by Blast Furnace -2 were achieved during the month of April 2023. These figures are the best ever achieved for any April month since RINL’s inception, registering impressive growth of 20%, 14%, and 26%, respectively, over CPLY-April, 2022.

Technical ParametersApril 2023 FiguresGrowth compared to CPLY-April, 2022
Blast furnace productivity by BF Shop (both Blast furnace 1 & 2)2.09 tons (of Hot Metal) /day/cum20%
Blast furnace productivity by Blast Furnace-12.01 tons (of Hot Metal) /day/cum14%
Blast furnace productivity by Blast Furnace-22.17 tons (of Hot Metal) /day/cum26%
Record-Breaking Technical Performance


Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited’s outstanding production and technical performance in April 2023 showcase the company’s unwavering commitment to providing high-quality steel products to its customers. The significant growth achieved across all operations positions RINL as a major player in the Indian steel industry. These achievements demonstrate RINL’s commitment to excellence, which bodes well for the company’s future growth and success.

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