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Sudarshan Setu – India’s Longest Cable-Stayed Bridge

On February 24th, 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the strategically important Sudarshan Setu bridge over the Gulf of Kutch connecting Dwarka mainland to Beyt Dwarka Island off the Gujarat coast. Spanning over 2 kms, it is India’s longest cable-stayed road bridge. The bridge, which was known as ‘Signature Bridge’, has been renamed as ‘Sudarshan Setu’ or Sudarshan Bridge.

Project History and Costs

The 27-meter wide four-lane bridge was sanctioned in 2017 at estimated costs of ₹979 crores with project oversight by Roads and Building Department of Gujarat. Larsen & Toubro executed the construction over 6 years. The 2.32 km bridge, including 900 meters of central double-span cable-stayed portion and a 2.45 km long approach road.

Enhancing Connectivity

Beyt Dwarka is an island near Okha port, which is nearly 30 km from Dwarka town, where the famous Dwarkadhish temple of Lord Krishna is situated. Connecting Okha and Beyt Dwarka island, the bridge reduces the distance between old and new Dwarka by nearly 80kms. The bridge also eases access, transportation costs and time for thousands of tourists and Hindu pilgrims headed to the ancient Dwarkadhish Temple while catalyzing the local economy.

Notable Design Elements

Adorned with Religious Imagery

Distinct from conventional bridges, Sudarshan Setu features 2.50-meter-wide pedestrian footpaths on both sides adorned with verses from Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita and images of Lord Krishna giving it cultural identity representing Dwarka’s historical significance.

Marine Safety Engineering Feat

Given the vulnerable marine environs along India’s western seaboard, the cable-stayed bridge deploys advanced wind tunnel tested aerodynamic engineering ensuring stability against extreme climate events like cyclones. This makes the structure resilient.

Ro-Ro Ferry Integration

The bridge design facilitates synchronized operations with proposed roll-on-roll-off ferry routes allowing smooth cross-gulf people and cargo movement integrating the mainland with Beyt Dwarka island township.

AIIMS campuses

The Prime Minister also inaugurated Gujarat’s first All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Rajkot. Besides the Rajkot AIIMS, the Prime Minister also virtually inaugurated four other newly-built AIIMS in Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal.


The Sudarshan Setu bridge stands as a testament to India’s engineering prowess and commitment to enhancing connectivity and infrastructure. Beyond its practical utility, it symbolizes cultural identity and historical significance, adorned with religious imagery and catering to the needs of pilgrims and tourists alike.


1. How long did it take to construct Sudarshan Setu?

Sudarshan Setu took 6 years to be constructed, with Larsen & Toubro overseeing the project.

2. What is the significance of the name ‘Sudarshan Setu’?

The bridge’s name holds cultural and religious significance, symbolizing progress and connectivity.

3. How does Sudarshan Setu contribute to local economy?

By reducing travel time and costs for tourists and pilgrims, Sudarshan Setu helps boost tourism and facilitates easier access to local attractions.

4. What safety measures were implemented in Sudarshan Setu’s design?

Advanced wind tunnel tested aerodynamic engineering was employed to ensure stability against extreme weather conditions, making the structure resilient.

5. Apart from the bridge, what other infrastructure projects were inaugurated?

In addition to Sudarshan Setu, Prime Minister Modi inaugurated several All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) campuses across different states, emphasizing the government’s focus on healthcare infrastructure development.

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