Top Evening Current Affair Updates for 11th May 2023

Top Evening Current Affair Updates for 9th May 2023
Top Evening Current Affair Updates for 9th May 2023

Get the top evening current affair updates for 11th May 2023 and stay up-to-date with global events. Stay informed, stay ahead.

In today’s fast-paced world, staying updated with current affairs is crucial. This article brings you the top evening current affair updates for 11th May 2023, covering a range of important Updates and events from around the globe.

Top Evening Current Affair Updates for 11th May 2023

Y20 Consultation event held at University of Kashmir

The Y20 Consultation event, held at the University of Kashmir as part of India’s G20 Presidency, focused on climate change and disaster risk reduction. The event involved youth delegates from G20 countries and various students and delegates from India. The sessions discussed biodiversity, human well-being, disaster risk reduction, green energy, and water resources. The event concluded with awards, certificates, cultural performances, and the launch of publications.

MyGov, in collaboration with IHM, Pusa launches ‘YUVA PRATIBHA – Culinary Talent Hunt’ tomorrow

MyGov, in collaboration with IHM, Pusa, is launching ‘YUVA PRATIBHA – Culinary Talent Hunt’ to promote Indian culinary talent and raise awareness about the value of millets. The competition aims to discover lost recipes and showcase the creativity of young chefs using healthy ingredients. Participants must be Indian citizens aged 18 to 40 and submit home-cooked dishes with at least 50% millet ingredients. The top three winners will receive cash prizes and mentoring by Executive Chefs. For more information, visit

The automation in the steel industry is the need of the hour- Shri Atul Bhatt, CMD

RINL launched “Open challenge program 2.0” to select startups in the field of Industry 4.0 technologies. Shri Atul Bhatt emphasized the importance of automation in the steel industry and the potential for growth in automation and robotics. The program aims to incubate 175 start-up companies over 5 years, addressing the challenges of RINL and other industries. The project is a collaborative effort between STPI, MeitY, RINL, and the Government of AP, with facilities including IIOT, industrial automation labs with AI, ML, AR, VR, and robotics.

India will be a global player in all things technology: MoS Rajeev Chandrasekhar

India aims to become a major player in the global technology industry, focusing on diversifying supply chains and value chains. The government’s vision is for India to be among the top three economies by 2026-27. The country’s Techade initiative encompasses various sectors such as IT, consumer-tech, AI, semiconductors, and quantum computing. The government is also investing in talent development and expects to deliver 85,000 skilled professionals. India is determined to achieve its goals and believes it can compete with countries like Japan and Germany.

Ministry of Power & Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change to develop Carbon Credit Trading Scheme for Decarbonisation

The Indian government plans to establish the Indian Carbon Market (ICM) as a national framework to decarbonize the economy by trading Carbon Credit Certificates. The Ministry of Power and the Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change are developing the Carbon Credit Trading Scheme. The ICM aims to help India achieve its goal of reducing emissions intensity by 45% by 2030. It will create a competitive market that incentivizes low-cost options and attracts technology and finance for sustainable projects. The scheme will develop methodologies for estimating carbon emissions reductions, establish validation and verification processes, and promote the adoption of clean technologies. By accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy, the ICM will support India’s climate goals.

 Shri Arjun Munda reviews progress of various schemes being implemented for tribal people of Kerala during his one day visit to the state

Union Tribal Affairs Minister Shri Arjun Munda visited Kerala and reviewed the progress of schemes for tribal people. He suggested appointing a nodal officer to ensure the benefits of government schemes reach the tribals. He also highlighted the need to address infant mortality and land ownership rights for tribals. The minister inaugurated new medical facilities and emphasized the government’s commitment to education and healthcare for tribal communities. He encouraged the formation of self-help groups and honored a tribal singer during the visit.

Over 5.25 crore subscribers enrolled in APY marking 8 years of successful implementation

Atal Pension Yojana (APY), a social security scheme in India, has successfully completed eight years with over 5.25 crore subscribers. The scheme aims to provide old age income security to all citizens, particularly those in the unorganized sector. APY has been implemented nationwide, and there has been a continuous increase in enrollments. The total assets under management in APY exceed Rs. 28,434 crore, and the scheme has generated an investment return of 8.92% since its inception. The success of the scheme is attributed to the efforts of various banks and government support. Any Indian citizen aged 18-40 with a savings bank account and not an income taxpayer can open a new APY account. Subscribers receive a guaranteed minimum pension ranging from Rs.1000 to Rs.5000 per month from the age of 60, depending on their contributions. The same pension is provided to the subscriber’s spouse after their demise, and the accumulated pension wealth is returned to the nominee upon the demise of both the subscriber and spouse. The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) is dedicated to realizing the vision of a pensioned society in India. The table provides a breakdown of subscribers enrolled in APY across different types of banks over the past eight years.

CBIC rolls out Automated Return Scrutiny Module for GST returns in ACES-GST backend application for Central Tax Officers

CBIC has introduced an Automated Return Scrutiny Module for GST returns, allowing Central Tax Officers to verify compliance through data analytics and risk identification. The module enables officers to communicate discrepancies to taxpayers and take necessary actions. The implementation has started with scrutiny of GST returns for FY 2019-20.

Brainstorming meeting to evolve a comprehensive medium-term R&D roadmap and action plan for the Iron & Steel Sector for the next ten years for sustainable development

A brainstorming meeting was held to create a medium-term R&D roadmap for the Iron & Steel Sector’s sustainable development over the next ten years. Stakeholders from various sectors participated, discussing research areas such as ore beneficiation, carbon capture, waste utilization, and decarbonization. Collaboration between industry, research labs, and academia was emphasized, along with the need to translate research into practical processes and machinery. Integrated Steel Plants offered their facilities for collaborative use. Detailed inputs will be collected to formulate priority R&D programs, with funding and ecosystem support provided by the Ministry of Steel.

PM congratulates boxers on winning medals in the Men’s World Boxing Championships at Tashkent for the first time ever

PM hails Rail connectivity for Ratnipora

Railway Ministry fulfills long-pending demand for Ratnipora Halt, enhancing connectivity in Jammu and Kashmir. PM welcomes the news.

Start-ups and Industries can help address Mining Sector Technological Challenges – Mines Secretary Vivek Bharadwaj 

The Ministry of Mines plans to organize a Mining Start-up Summit in Mumbai in collaboration with IIT Bombay. The summit aims to address technological challenges in the mining sector and promote growth. Over 150 start-ups and 20 major industries will participate, focusing on innovation and techniques to improve mining performance and safety. The event will also involve interaction with leading industries and benefit students and young professionals.

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Startup Forum 2023

The third edition of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Startup Forum was held in New Delhi. The forum aimed to promote innovation, generate employment, and encourage young talent in SCO Member States. Physical participation from government officials, industry players, incubators, and startups took place. The forum emphasized collaboration and entrepreneurship, facilitating the exchange of ideas and best practices. Bilateral meetings and workshops were conducted to develop closer ties and boost the startup ecosystem. Participants also visited an Indian startup showcase to learn about entrepreneurship and opportunities in India. India aimed to inspire other SCO Member States with its initiatives and share the opportunities for expanding innovation. Previous initiatives included the SCO Startup Forum in 2020 and 2021, as well as a mentorship program for SCO startups.

Ministry of Ayush and ICMR sign an MoU to promote and collaborate on integrative health research

The Ministry of Ayush and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) have signed an MoU to collaborate on integrative health research. The cooperation aims to generate scientific evidence for Ayush system of medicines and create a niche for traditional medicine knowledge. The MoU will strengthen research capacity, establish research centers, and explore possibilities for joint clinical trials and public health research. Both parties will establish a joint working group and focus on research based on scientific evidence. The collaboration also includes training modules, conferences, and workshops in the field of integrative healthcare. The fifth inter-ministerial convergence meeting between the Ministry of Ayush and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare further discussed cooperation and agreed upon important matters.

3rd Energy Transitions Working Group (ETWG) meeting to be held in Mumbai from May 15 – 17, 2023.

The 3rd Energy Transitions Working Group (ETWG) meeting will take place in Mumbai from May 15 to 17, 2023, under India’s G20 Presidency. Over 100 delegates from G20 member countries, special invitees, and international organizations will participate in discussions on priority areas. The meeting will be chaired by Shri Alok Kumar, with several secretaries from different ministries also attending. The agenda includes energy transition, low-cost financing, energy security, efficiency, clean fuels, and universal access to clean energy. The meeting aims to promote equitable growth and will be accompanied by eight side events. India’s G20 Presidency seeks to continue global cooperation in clean energy transition for sustainable economic development.

Indian Council of Medical Research and AYUSH Ministry sign MOU for collaborative and cooperative momentum on health research in the field of Integrated Medicine

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the Ministry of AYUSH have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to collaborate and cooperate on health research in the field of Integrated Medicine. The agreement aims to combine traditional knowledge with modern research, boost Ayurveda’s scientific evidence, and conduct joint clinical trials. The collaboration will also involve creating a joint working group, implementing research projects, and providing access to advanced facilities. The ministers and officials involved have commended the partnership and its potential impact on integrated medicine and evidence-based research. The collaboration may lead to the development of Integrated Medicine departments across India’s AIIMS infrastructure. Integrative Health Research focuses on investigating the benefits of combining conventional and non-conventional medical practices for comprehensive healthcare.

UIDAI scaling up capacity building of Aadhaar operators to further improve residents’ experience

UIDAI is conducting nationwide capacity building workshops for Aadhaar operators to improve efficiency and reduce errors during enrollment and authentication processes. The training sessions have already equipped 3,500 operators with the latest knowledge, and over 100 more sessions will be conducted this year. The aim is to enhance the residents’ experience and ensure a better understanding of processes and policies among operators.

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