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UPSC Announces Recruitment Results for April 2024 Positions

New Delhi – May 25, 2024: The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has finalized recruitment results for positions advertised in April 2024. Candidates who were recommended for appointment have been informed individually by post.

The announcement states that applications from all candidates were considered, but not everyone will be called for an interview or offered a position.

This is the standard procedure for UPSC recruitment. The Commission conducts exams and interviews throughout the year to select candidates for various civil service positions in the Indian government.

What the announcement doesn’t say:

  • The specific positions that were filled.
  • The number of candidates who applied or were recommended.

What you can do if you applied for a UPSC position in April 2024:

  • If you haven’t received a letter by post, your application likely wasn’t successful this time.
  • You can visit the UPSC website ( for information on upcoming exams and recruitment opportunities.

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