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Voter Turnout in Phase-5 of General Elections 2024 Records 62.2%

New Delhi, 23 May 2024: The Election Commission of India (ECI) has reported a voter turnout of 62.2% in the fifth phase of the ongoing General Elections 2024. This phase saw polling in 49 Parliamentary Constituencies (PCs) across eight states and Union Territories.

Breakdown of Turnout by Gender

The overall turnout was driven by varied participation across different genders:

  • Male voters: 61.48%
  • Female voters: 63.00%
  • Third gender voters: 21.96%

State-wise Highlights

West Bengal emerged as the frontrunner with a remarkable turnout of 78.45%, almost equally balanced between male and female voters. The state’s third gender voter participation was also significantly high at 38.22%.

Odisha followed closely with an overall turnout of 73.50%. Both male and female voter participation in Odisha were high, at 72.28% and 74.77% respectively.

Ladakh showcased a strong democratic spirit with a turnout of 71.82%, featuring high male (71.44%) and female (72.20%) participation.

On the lower end, Bihar recorded the least overall turnout at 56.76%. Despite this, female voter turnout in Bihar (61.58%) surpassed the male turnout (52.42%).

Constituency-specific Insights

In Jharkhand, the constituency of Hazaribagh stood out with an impressive 64.39% overall turnout, driven by 67.63% female participation and an astonishing 58.06% from third gender voters.

Mumbai South in Maharashtra had a more balanced turnout with 50.10% male and 50.02% female voters. The third gender turnout here was notably high at 41.86%.

Ongoing Repolls and Final Turnout

Repolls at two polling stations in the Kandhamal PC of Odisha are yet to be concluded, and the final voter turnout figures might see slight adjustments once this data is integrated. Additionally, the final turnout will only be confirmed post-counting, which includes the counting of postal ballots from service voters, absentee voters (such as those over 85 years of age, persons with disabilities, and essential service providers), and election duty staff.

Phase 6 Preparations

As Phase 6 of the General Elections 2024 approaches, the ECI has released the list of registered electors for the 58 PCs set to vote on 25 May 2024. This phase will cover constituencies across Bihar, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, NCT of Delhi, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal.


The steady voter turnout reflects the robust democratic engagement across the nation, despite varying regional participation rates. The ECI continues to ensure a smooth electoral process, upholding the democratic spirit of the world’s largest democracy.

For more detailed information, voters and stakeholders can access real-time updates on the voter turnout app provided by the ECI.

Stay tuned for more updates as we bring you the latest on the General Elections 2024.

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