CBSE Issues Important Notification for Schools: Update Sections and Land Area Details by July 31st

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CBSE Issues Important Notification for Schools: Update Sections and Land Area Details by July 31st
CBSE Issues Important Notification for Schools: Update Sections and Land Area Details by July 31st

CBSE has issued a vital notification requiring affiliated schools to update their sections and land area data in the OASIS system. This article highlights the challenges faced by schools and the streamlined process for compliance.

The Central Board of Secondary Education recently issued a crucial notification addressing the need for schools to update their sections and land area details in the Online Affiliated School Information System (OASIS). The update aims to streamline the process of increasing or decreasing sections and correcting land area data on the SARAS portal. This notification is applicable to all schools affiliated with CBSE and requires immediate action and compliance by 31st July 2023. Let’s delve deeper into the key points mentioned in the notification.

Challenges Faced by Schools

The CBSE acknowledges that schools encountered several challenges while applying for the increase/decrease of land area and updating sections in OASIS. Some of the common issues reported include:

  1. Zero section appearing in classes IX-XII after up-gradation.
  2. Permission received for section increase, but unable to update sections in OASIS.
  3. Difficulties in filling students’ details in double shift schools.
  4. Inability to exceed 40 students per section, even though some schools have up to 45 students per section.
  5. Requests to interchange sections between two classes within permissible limits.
  6. OASIS data being edited but not saved.
  7. Freshly affiliated or up-graded schools facing challenges in updating sections in OASIS.

Streamlining the Process

To address these challenges and ensure smoother functioning, CBSE has streamlined the system. Schools can now update their data in OASIS following the steps outlined in the SARAS portal, specifically under the Section Increase and Land Increase/Decrease/Correction categories.

For schools seeking to increase the number of sections, they must visit the SARAS portal (CBSE Affiliation unit) and complete the necessary process. Similarly, if any discrepancies exist in the land area data provided in OASIS, schools should apply for correction through the SARAS portal’s Land Increase/Decrease/Correction category.

Section Intake Limit

As per the Affiliation Bye-laws, the intake per section should be limited to 40 students. However, in cases of direct admission in classes X and XII, this limit can be extended to 45 students per section. Schools need to adhere to this limitation, and any direct admission for the academic session 2023-24 should not exceed 45 students per section.

Important Dates and Online Admission Process

CBSE emphasizes that schools must complete all necessary changes in section and land area details by 31st July 2023. Moreover, for the academic session 2023-24, direct admissions will be conducted online, and further details will be communicated shortly.


This recent notification from CBSE holds significant importance for all affiliated schools. Ensuring accurate and updated information in OASIS is vital for the effective functioning of schools and complying with CBSE regulations. By streamlining the process and setting clear guidelines, CBSE aims to facilitate a smoother experience for schools during the section and land area updation process. Schools must promptly take the necessary actions to meet the deadline and prepare for the upcoming online admission process for the academic session 2023-24.

Stay Updated | CBSE Issues Important Notification for Schools| Update Sections and Land Area Details by July 31st

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