CBSE Launches ‘One Child, One Plant Campaign’ to Commemorate NEP-2020’s 3rd Anniversary

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CBSE Launches 'One Child, One Plant Campaign' to Commemorate NEP-2020's 3rd Anniversary
CBSE Launches 'One Child, One Plant Campaign' to Commemorate NEP-2020's 3rd Anniversary

CBSE marks NEP-2020’s 3rd anniversary with the ‘One Child, One Plant Campaign’ – a tree plantation drive fostering environmental awareness and student participation.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is set to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 with a powerful initiative aimed at raising environmental awareness among schools and students. The ‘CBSE – One Child, One Plant Campaign’ is a massive tree plantation drive scheduled to take place from 29th July 2023 to 28th August 2023. This campaign aligns with NEP-2020’s emphasis on integrating environmental education into school curricula and fostering sensitivity towards environmental conservation and sustainable development.

Promoting Environmental Awareness through ECO-CLUBS

As part of the initiative, CBSE urges schools to conduct extensive environment awareness programs through ECO-CLUBS. These programs will cover crucial themes like water and energy conservation, prevention of resource wastage, pollution control, and other environmental concerns. By engaging students through these clubs, CBSE aims to instill a sense of responsibility and consciousness about environmental issues from an early age.

Planting a Seed for the Future

A highlight of the campaign is the commitment to planting a sapling by every student, across all classes. Students are encouraged to plant saplings in various accessible locations, be it within the school premises, at home, in playgrounds, or any other suitable place. This hands-on experience of planting trees allows students to develop a personal connection with nature and understand the importance of tree plantation in combating environmental challenges.

Nurturing Knowledge through Classroom Discussions

To deepen the impact of the campaign, CBSE advises schools to facilitate classroom discussions on environmental topics. These discussions can cover the significance of tree plantation, conservation of resources, and the variety of tree species being planted. By providing students with information about the trees they plant and their benefits, students can better appreciate their contributions to the environment.

Empowering Students to Be Green Ambassadors

To ensure the success and continuity of the initiative, CBSE proposes giving students the responsibility of planting and nurturing the trees as part of the activities conducted under the ECO-CLUBS. By actively involving students in these activities, schools can foster a sense of ownership and empower them to become green ambassadors, spreading awareness about environment protection within their communities.

Spreading the Message of Green Revolution

Apart from the ‘One Child, One Plant Campaign,’ CBSE encourages schools to plan additional activities that promote environmental protection awareness. By engaging in various initiatives, students can understand the multifaceted nature of environmental issues and the importance of collective action in addressing them.

Participate and Create a Greener Future

To monitor and share the progress of the campaign, CBSE requests schools to upload a brief report of their activities, along with 2-3 photographs, before 31st August 2023. This will allow CBSE to assess the impact of the campaign and celebrate the collective efforts in making the environment-friendly initiative a grand success.


The ‘CBSE – One Child, One Plant Campaign’ stands as a beacon of hope for a greener and more sustainable future. By integrating environmental education into the school system and encouraging active student participation, CBSE aims to create a generation of environmentally conscious individuals who will carry forward the mantle of preserving our planet. Through collective efforts, we can sow the seeds of change and nurture a flourishing environment for generations to come. So, let us join hands and participate wholeheartedly in this noble cause, for every child, for one plant, and for a brighter tomorrow.

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