CBSE Announces SOP for Students in Sports 🏆

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CBSE Announces SOP for Students in Sports 🏆
CBSE Announces SOP for Students in Sports 🏆

CBSE Announces SOP for Students Participating in National/International Sports Events and International Olympiads

New Delhi, India: In a significant move to promote sports and provide flexibility to students, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced special provisions for students actively engaged in National/International Sports Events and International Olympiads. As part of these initiatives, CBSE is making it easier for young athletes to balance their academic commitments with their passion for sports and competitions. Let’s dive into the details of these special provisions that could potentially change the game for aspiring sports stars.

Promoting Sports and Education

As the Government of India continues to take initiatives to promote sports among the youth, CBSE has also mainstreamed Health and Physical Education at the Secondary and Senior Secondary levels. This involves dedicating a mandatory period each day for sports, games, and other physical activities. It’s a significant step in nurturing a holistic approach to education, recognizing that physical fitness is as important as academic excellence.

To further support and encourage students who excel in sports and other educational competitions, CBSE has introduced specific facilities. These facilities aim to address the clash between CBSE Board examinations and the dates of National/International Sports Events and International Olympiads.

Facilities Offered by CBSE

  1. Special Examinations for Sports Events: Since March 2018, CBSE has been providing a unique opportunity to students by conducting special examinations at a later date for those who are participating in National/International Sports Events. These special exams are designed to accommodate students whose CBSE Board’s examinations clash with the dates of these prestigious sporting events, including the travel period.
  2. Special Examinations for International Olympiads: Similarly, since March 2020, CBSE has extended this provision to students participating in International Olympiads. If their CBSE Board examinations overlap with the Olympiad dates, they can take advantage of special examinations, ensuring they don’t miss out on academic opportunities while pursuing their passion for Olympiads.

Key Provisions for Students

To make the most of these opportunities, students should be aware of the following key provisions:

  1. Eligibility: These provisions apply only to sports events recognized by the Sports Authority of India (SAI) and the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) for sports, and Olympiads recognized by the Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education (HBCSE) for Olympiads.
  2. Main Theory Examinations: The special examinations are available only for the Board’s main theory examinations scheduled during the specific sports event or Olympiad and its accompanying travel period.
  3. No Compartment Examinations: This provision does not extend to compartment examinations or practical examinations, projects, or internal assessments.
  4. Attendance: Exemptions in attendance beyond the Board’s rules will not be granted, emphasizing the importance of maintaining good attendance throughout the academic year.
  5. No Training/Selection Camps: These provisions do not cover participation in training or selection camps; they are specific to students participating in actual sporting events or Olympiads.
  6. Strict Schedule: All requests must be made within the stipulated timeline; no requests beyond the schedule will be accepted for exemption.
  7. Certificate of Participation: A “Certificate of Participation” from the relevant sports authority (SAI/BCCI/HBCSE) is required in the prescribed format.
  8. Subject to Change: CBSE reserves the right to amend these Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and rules at any time.
  9. Final Authority: The decision of the Competent Authority of the Board is considered final and binding on schools and students.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help schools and students understand these provisions better, here are some frequently asked questions:

  1. What are the special provisions made available by CBSE for participating students in National/International sports events and International Olympiads for Secondary and Senior Secondary examinations?

    CBSE provides the opportunity for students to take special examinations if their sports events or International Olympiads clash with the Board’s main theory examinations.

  2. Which are the responsible authorized organizations/authorities for recommending the cases of students for sports events, and whose certificate will be accepted by CBSE for availing the rescheduled examination facility for sports students?

    The responsible organizations include the Sports Authority of India (SAI), Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI), and the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE). CBSE accepts certificates from these organizations for rescheduled examinations.

  3. Is the rescheduling facility available for Supplementary Examinations too?

    No, the facility for rescheduling the theory examination is available only for the Main examination and not for Supplementary examinations.

  4. Can the examination be rescheduled if the date of the sports event clashes with the scheduled practical/project/Internal Assessment?

    No, these facilities are available for the Main Theory examination only.

  5. Is there any exemption in attendance given by the Board for sports students to appear in the examination?

    Exemptions in attendance beyond the rules of the Board shall not be extended. Valid and required documents will be necessary for exemption when a student has not attended school.

  6. What is the process of availing facilities?

    Students must first apply to their school and the concerned organization for issuing a certificate. The school’s principal will then submit the request to the concerned Regional office of CBSE with a recommendation.

  7. What is the last date to apply in such cases?

    The applications must reach the concerned Regional Office of the Board by December 31, 2023.

  8. Is this facility extended for those sports students who are to attend training/selection camps for the events, and do the dates of training/selection camps clash with the Board exams?

    The facility is not available for students attending training/selection camps. It applies only to the Main Theory examinations.

  9. Is there any special examination for individual candidates?

    No special examinations for individual students are conducted apart from the scheduled special examinations fixed by the Board.

  10. When will the rescheduled examination be conducted?

    The rescheduled examination is preferably held within 15 days from the last examination according to the date sheet of the Board examination for that year.

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