CBSE syllabus for the Academic Year 2023-24 – BIOLOGY (Code No. 044)

BIOLOGY (Code No. 044)
Classes XI & XII (2023-24)
The present curriculum provides the students with updated concepts along with an extended
exposure to contemporary areas of the subject. The curriculum also aims at emphasizing the
underlying principles that are common to animals, plants and microorganisms as well as
highlighting the relationship of Biology with other areas of knowledge. The format allows a simple,
clear, sequential flow of concepts. It relates the study of biology to real life through the
developments in use of technology. It links the discoveries and innovations in biology to everyday
life such as environment, industry, health and agriculture. The updated curriculum also focuses on
understanding and application of scientific principles, while ensuring that ample opportunities and
scope for learning and appreciating basic concepts continue to be available within itsframework.
The prescribed syllabus is expected to:
 promote understanding of basic principles of Biology
 encourage learning of emerging knowledge and its relevance to individual and society
 promote rational/scientific attitude towards issues related to population, environment and
 enhance awareness about environmental issues, problems and their appropriate solutions
 create awareness amongst the learners about diversity in the living organisms and
developing respect for other living beings
 appreciate that the most complex biological phenomena are built on essentially simple
It is expected that the students would get an exposure to various branches of Biology in the
curriculum in a more contextual and systematic manner as they study its various units.

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