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CBSE syllabus for the Academic Year 2023-24 –Biotechnology (Code 045)

Biotechnology (Code 045)
An unprecedented growth of human knowledge in the field of Biological Sciences coupled with
equally significant developments in the field of technology have brought significant changes
into existing social and economic systems. The emerging field of Biotechnology is likely to
further enhance the applications of Science and Technology for human welfare. Modern
Biotechnology processes encompass a wide range of new productssuch as antibiotics, vaccines,
monoclonal antibodies and many more. Furthermore, developments in recombinant DNA
technology have yielded numerous new useful products in the fields of healthcare and
agriculture. The present syllabus takes care of all these aspects. Due emphasis has been laid on
familiarizing the learners with the fundamental concepts, basic techniques and their
applications. It is expected that the knowledge gained through the study of different topics and
the skills acquired through the prescribed practical work will make the learners competent to
meet the challenges of academic as well as professional courses after studying the subject at
senior secondary stage.
The broad objectives of teaching Biotechnology at senior secondary level are to:
 help the learners know and understand basic facts and concepts of the subject at
elementary stage.
 expose the students to different basic processes and basic techniques used in
 familiarize the learners to understand the relationship of the subject to health,
nutrition, environment, agriculture and industry, etc.
 develop conceptual competence in the learners so as to cope up with professional
courses in future career.
 acquaint students with different applications of Biotechnology in everyday life.
 develop an interest in students to study Biotechnology as a discipline.

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