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CBSE releases notification on verification and re-evaluation of exam marks

Verification and Re-evaluation of Exams: CBSE releases a notification regarding the verification and re-evaluation of exam marks. Learn about the process and important dates in this article.

As the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) wraps up its annual examination cycle, it has released a crucial notification regarding the verification and re-evaluation of exam marks. As an educational news website, we believe it is essential to keep students and parents informed about such updates. In this article, we will delve into the details of the notification and the process involved in verifying and re-evaluating exam marks.

1. Verification of Marks

The CBSE Board allows students to apply for the verification of their exam marks if they are dissatisfied with their results. The schedule for the same is available in Annexure-I of the notification. Students seeking verification are required to pay a processing charge of Rs. 500/- per subject.

The outcome of the verification process will be communicated to the candidates through their login accounts on the CBSE website. If there is any change in the marks after verification, the candidates will be informed of the same. It is advised that applicants regularly check the CBSE’s website for the status of their verification request.

Important Note: Only candidates who apply for verification of marks online will be eligible to obtain photocopies of their evaluated answer books.

2. Obtaining Photocopy of Evaluated Answer Book(s)

Students who have applied for the verification of marks can further request a photocopy (scanned copy) of their evaluated answer book(s). To avail this facility, they need to follow the same online application process mentioned earlier.

A processing charge of Rs. 500/- per subject for Class-X will be applicable. It is crucial to submit the application directly on behalf of the candidate, and incomplete applications will be rejected, and the fees deposited will be forfeited.

3. Re-Evaluation of Evaluated Answer Book(s)

Candidates who have obtained the photocopies of their evaluated answer books can apply for re-evaluation or challenge the marks awarded to any specific question(s). The request for re-evaluation will be accepted only for theory subjects, and a processing fee of Rs. 100/- per question will be applicable.

Important Dates

The CBSE Board has provided a schedule for each of the processes mentioned above. It is vital for students to adhere to the deadlines to ensure timely processing of their requests.


The CBSE Board’s notification on the verification and re-evaluation of exam marks provides an opportunity for students to review their results in case of any discrepancies or dissatisfaction. As an educational website, we encourage all eligible candidates to utilize this facility responsibly. It is essential to follow the prescribed online application process and pay the requisite processing charges to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Remember, staying informed and proactive is the key to making the most of this opportunity.

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For more information and to access the detailed schedule and guidelines, students and parents can visit the official CBSE website: or

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