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Empowering Students as Adolescent Peer Educators : CBSE’s Fourth Phase Training Program

CBSE’s Adolescent Peer Educators Leadership Program empowers students to promote psychosocial wellbeing and life skills. Join the Fourth Phase Training Program for holistic growth.

In its continuous endeavor to enhance students’ holistic development and empower them as leaders of positive change, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced the Adolescent Peer Educators Leadership Program. This initiative, launched in collaboration with Expressions India on November 23, 2021, aims to equip students with essential life skills and promote their psychosocial wellbeing. The program has successfully completed three phases and is now opening its doors for the Fourth Phase of Training Programs.

Enriching Life Skills and Wellbeing

The CBSE’s Adolescent Peer Educators Leadership Program centers on creating a participatory climate for behavioral change and adaptation among students. By engaging in this program, students become key contributors to building an inclusive environment that focuses on psychosocial wellbeing and life skills development. Through the program’s various training sessions and activities, students are empowered to lead appropriate behaviors, communicate effectively, and promote knowledge and sensitivity towards health and wellbeing issues.

Fourth Phase of Training Programs

CBSE is all set to kick off the Fourth Phase of Training Programs in October 2023. The board invites schools to actively participate by nominating four senior students, two from Class IX and two from Class XI, to be part of the comprehensive orientation program. Additionally, schools are requested to nominate a teacher and the school counsellor or wellness teacher to provide support to the nominated peer educators.

Nominating Peer Educators

To ensure the success of the program, CBSE encourages schools to select students who exhibit enthusiasm and commitment to teamwork, possess excellent communication skills, show empathy towards their peers, and have the ability to model and lead appropriate behavior. These qualities are essential for students to effectively impart knowledge and positively influence their fellow peers.

Registration Process

Participating schools are invited to complete the online registration form, available at the link Schools should also provide a brief description (400 words) of their ongoing online activities related to promoting life skills, holistic health, and wellbeing. The deadline for submitting the online registration form is September 10, 2023. It’s important to note that only online registration forms will be accepted for consideration.

How to Register:

  1. Participating schools may fill up the online registration form available at the link: Registration Form.
  2. Along with the registration form, submit a brief note (400 words) about the online activities conducted by the school for promoting Life Skills, Holistic Health, and Wellbeing.
  3. The last date for submitting the online registration form is September 10, 2023.
Circular No.DateLink
Acad-116/202117.11.2021Circular Link
Acad-45/202208.04.2022Circular Link
Acad-31/202308.02.2022Circular Link

Program Capacity and Participation

Each training program will enroll approximately 50 schools, and the schedule for these programs will be communicated to the respective schools. Participating students and teachers will be awarded e-certificates of participation, recognizing their dedication to the program’s objectives. CBSE urges school heads to actively encourage students, teachers, and counsellors to participate, fostering a continuous climate of life skills education within the school community.


CBSE’s Adolescent Peer Educators Leadership Program stands as a remarkable initiative to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to create a positive impact on their peers and society at large. By becoming peer educators, students contribute to the holistic wellbeing and personal growth of their fellow students, thus fostering a more empowered and aware generation. Schools are encouraged to seize this opportunity and participate actively in the Fourth Phase of Training Programs to further enrich their students’ educational journey. For any inquiries, schools can reach out via email to

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