Chandrayaan-3 Maha Quiz: Exploring the Cosmic Odyssey

Chandrayaan-3 Maha Quiz: Exploring the Cosmic Odyssey
Chandrayaan-3 Maha Quiz: Exploring the Cosmic Odyssey

New Delhi, 18th October 2023 – In a remarkable journey that encapsulates determination, ambition, initiative, scientific inquiry, curiosity, problem-solving, and creativity, Chandrayaan-3 has illuminated the path of exploration. These qualities are not only integral to the mission’s success but also essential aspects of education across all grade levels.

The MyGov platform is thrilled to celebrate the triumph of the Chandrayaan-3 mission by presenting the ‘Chandrayaan-3 Maha Quiz.’ This cosmic quiz is not just an intellectual challenge; it’s a tribute to the spirit of cosmic exploration and an opportunity to test your knowledge and curiosity about the cosmos.

Joining the Cosmic Quest

Participating in the ‘Chandrayaan-3 Maha Quiz’ is a straightforward process. As a candidate, all you need to do is create an individual account on the MyGov portal. This account will serve as your ticket to the cosmic voyage, allowing you to access the quiz and explore the mysteries of space.

Cosmic Rewards Await

The ‘Chandrayaan-3 Maha Quiz’ offers more than just knowledge; it offers tangible rewards to those who dare to venture into the cosmos of questions. Every participant, regardless of the outcome, will receive a participation certificate as a token of appreciation for their intellectual journey.

However, the ultimate cosmic explorers, the quiz winners, will be generously rewarded with cash prizes. So, not only will you expand your cosmic wisdom, but you also have a chance to win a prize for your cosmic knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Where to Learn More

For detailed information about the ‘Chandrayaan-3 Maha Quiz,’ including registration guidelines and other essential details, visit the official quiz website at This is your gateway to embark on a cosmic journey of knowledge, exploration, and rewards.

Spreading Cosmic Enlightenment

To the esteemed Principals of schools, we kindly request your assistance in disseminating this exciting cosmic opportunity among the students of your institution. Encourage and inspire as many students as possible to participate in this quiz. You might be nurturing the future scientists, explorers, and cosmic enthusiasts who will carry forward the legacy of Chandrayaan-3.

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