Latest Current Affairs Updates in Short – May 3, 2023

Latest Current Affairs News in Short - May 3, 2023
Latest Current Affairs News in Short - May 3, 2023

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1. AI Specialist Geoffrey Hinton Resigns from Google

Geoffrey Hinton, a prominent Artificial Intelligence (AI) specialist and the creator of advanced systems used in many chatbots, has resigned from Google. He tweeted that his departure is not an attack on Google but to raise awareness of the dangers of AI technology, especially in chatbots, amid layoffs.

2. Sharad Pawar Announces His Resignation from NCP Party

82-year-old Indian politician Sharad Pawar has resigned as the Chief of the National Congress Party (NCP). Mr Pawar, who previously served as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and the Minister of Defence, founded the party over a decade ago. He believes that the new generation should take the reins of the party.

3. Indian Naval Ships Reach Singapore for ASEAN-2023

The ASEAN-India Maritime Exercise 2023, aimed at promoting interoperability and enhancing ties in the maritime domain, is underway. The first phase of the event, the Harbour Phase, is being held between May 02 to May 04. INS Satpura and INS Delhi, along with their Commandant Rear Admiral Gurcharan Singh, have reached the Changi Naval Port in Singapore. India is among the dialogue partners of the ASEAN alliance, which has 10 member states.

4. Air Marshal Saju Balakrishnan Assumes as CINCAN’s Officer

Air Marshal Saju Balakrishnan has been appointed as the 17th Commanding-in-Chief of the Andaman and Nicobar Command (CINCAN) on May 01, 2023. The Andaman and Nicobar Command is the only triple-service Port Blair-based command of the Indian Armed Forces, with Army, Navy and Air Force capabilities included. Air Marshal Saju is an accomplished fighter and leader.

5. TS Sivagnanam Designated as Calcutta High Court’s Chief Justice

Justice TS Sivagnanam has been appointed as the Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court. He previously served as a judge from 2009 to 2025 and was a senior judge in the Calcutta High Court. He replaced Chief Justice Prakash Shrivastava and belongs to the Madras High Court.

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