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Mother’s Day 2023: A Timeless Celebration of Love and Dedication

Mother’s Day is a special occasion when people celebrate the love, care, and dedication of their mothers. This day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in most countries around the world. In this article, we will explore the history of Mother’s-Day, how it is celebrated around the world, and some great wishes and quotes for the occasion.

Mother’s Day 2023 Date

Mother’s Day 2023 will be celebrated on Sunday, May 14. The date for the upcoming years is as follows:

  • 2024: Sunday, May 12
  • 2025: Sunday, May 11
  • 2026: Sunday, May 10
  • 2027: Sunday, May 9

Mother’s Day History

The origin of Mother’s-Day can be traced back to ancient times when people would celebrate the mother goddesses. However, the modern-day Mother’s-Day can be attributed to Anna Jarvis, who held the first Mother’s-Day celebration in the United States in 1908. Anna Jarvis wanted to honor her mother, Ann Reese Jarvis, who was a peace activist and had worked to help wounded soldiers during the Civil War. She started a campaign to make Mother’s-Day a recognized holiday in the US, which was officially recognized in 1914.

Mother’s Day Celebration Around the World

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world, although the customs and traditions may vary depending on the location. In Thailand, Mother’s-Day is celebrated on the queen’s birthday, which is in August. In Ethiopia, a fall festival called Antrosht is celebrated where families come together to honor mothers by reciting hymns and enjoying a big meal.

In the United States, Mother’s-Day has become a popular shopping holiday where people buy gifts and flowers for their mothers. Families often take the day to let their mothers relax and enjoy the day off from domestic tasks. Some people celebrate the day with a political or feminist agenda, highlighting the need for women’s rights and childcare.

Mother’s Day 2023 Wishes

Mother’s Day is a perfect occasion to show your mother how much you appreciate her. Here are some wishes you can use:

  1. “Thank you for always being there for me and for all you do for me on a daily basis. Have a wonderful Mother’s-Day and know that you deserve to be pampered!”
  2. “You are constantly helping me remember what is essential in life… and that is you! You’re the best of the best! Happy Mother’s-Day!”
  3. “Mom, you are the most amazing woman I have ever known, and you will always be my top priority. Wishing you a fantastic Mother’s-Day!”
  4. “I have never met a woman who is as elegant, beautiful, and wonderful as you, and I hope I never do. Mommy, I love you to the moon and back.”
  5. “Happy Mother’s-Day to the most wonderful, loving, and caring mother in the world. I am so grateful for everything you do for me, and I love you so much!”

Mother’s Day 2023 Quotes

Quotes are a great way to express your feelings towards your mother. Here are some of the best quotes you can use:

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.” – Cardinal Meymillod

“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” – Rudyard Kipling

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” – Agatha Christie

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” – Robert Browning

“A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary.” – Dorothy Canfield Fisher

“The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation.” – James E. Faust

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.” – Unknown

“The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children.” – Unknown

“Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.” – Ricki Lake

“Mother is the heartbeat in the home; and without her, there seems to be no heart throb.” – Leroy Brownlow

Mother’s-Day Wishes and Quotes are a great way to convey your feelings and appreciation to your mother on this special day. Whether you want to say “thank you”, “I love you”, or “you mean the world to me”, a heartfelt message can express your emotions and make your mother feel special.


Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to honor and celebrate the love, care, and dedication of mothers all around the world. It is a day to show our gratitude and appreciation to the women who have raised us and shaped us into the people we are today. With the help of this article, we hope you have gained a better understanding of the history and significance of Mother’s-Day, as well as some ideas for how to celebrate and honor your mother on this special day. Remember, every day should be Mother’s Day, so make sure to show your love and appreciation to your mother all year round.


Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

We celebrate Mother’s Day to honor and appreciate the love, care, and dedication of mothers all around the world.

When is Mother’s Day celebrated?

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in most nations, although some others commemorate the holiday on other dates depending on their religious views.

What are some ways to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Some ways to celebrate Mother’s Day include giving your mother a gift, spending time with her, cooking her a special meal, or simply expressing your love and appreciation through a heartfelt message.

What are some Mother’s Day gift ideas?

Some Mother’s Day gift ideas include flowers, chocolates, jewelry, clothing, or a personalized gift such as a photo album or scrapbook.

How can I make my mother feel special on Mother’s Day?

You can make your mother feel special on Mother’s Day by showing your love and appreciation through a heartfelt message, spending time with her, cooking her a special meal, or giving her a thoughtful gift that shows how much you care.

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