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3rd Education Working Group Meeting in Bhubaneswar: Focus on Future of Work

The 3rd Education Working Group meeting in Bhubaneswar, Odisha from April 23-26, 2023, will focus on the future of work, explore emerging skilling requirements and equip the youth with relevant skills, speed, and agility.

The 3rd Education Working Group meeting is all set to be held in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, where discussions and deliberations on the theme of “Future of Work” will be the primary focus. The meeting will aim to equip the youth of the country with relevant skills and explore the emerging skilling requirements.

  • Precursor events to the Education Working Group meeting
  • Objectives of the Education Working Group
  • Changes in the future of work

1. Precursor events to the Education Working Group meeting: In the run-up to the 3rd Education Working Group meeting, precursor events are being held from April 23-26, 2023 in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The events include an exhibition on the theme of “Future of Work” open to the public between April 23-25, with delegates from G20 countries attending.

2. Objectives of the Education Working Group: The programmes under the Education Working Group, led by the Union Minister for Education and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, aim to select themes and ensure outreach to the youth of the country. The theme for Odisha is the “Future of Work”, and the activities are based on the vision that there should be widespread deliberations and effective outreach in every district on the emerging skilling requirements and the need for continuous skilling, reskilling and up-skilling as relevant to the district.

3. Changes in the future of work: With ground-breaking advancements and digitization, the nature of work is witnessing a fundamental change. This change will also bring immense economic potential while augmenting productivity gains and stimulating growth. The G20 nations are experiencing this active evolution in several sectors and can only prepare the youth by equipping them with relevant skills, speed, and agility. Embracing this transformation and finding solutions for the most pressing issues related to the future of work will be the focus of the upcoming Education Working Group meeting.

4. Integration of skills in the school curriculum: As recommended under NEP 2020, exposure to skill Education from class 6 will be provided. It will be optional for class 9 and 10 and compulsory for class 11 and 12. The breakout session on ‘integration of skills in school curriculum’ will be held in the workshop on Future of Work between India and Singapore on 25th April of the Working group meeting. Discussions will also be organized on ‘equipping children with a range of future skills’ to set them on a course of lifelong learning.

5. Month-long Jan Bhagidhari events in Odisha: Drawing inspiration from the Prime Minister’s call to make ‘Jan Bhagidari’ a strong element of India’s G20 Presidency, month-long events have commenced in the state of Odisha from April 1, 2023. These programmes and activities are Youth-Led and Women-Led, and 86,000 people have participated so far. These events include various contests, seminars, and workshops on topics related to the future of work. Engagement Groups of G20, such as Start up 20, B20, etc., are also providing support to organize these events across the state.

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“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.” – Robert Greene

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