Important Public Notice Regarding Private Universities

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Important Public Notice Regarding Private Universities
Important Public Notice Regarding Private Universities
The University Grants Commission has released a notice regarding private universities in India. It highlights the violation of UGC regulations by some state private universities and informs the public about the approved private universities competent to award degrees. The notice also clarifies the rules regarding off-campus centers, affiliations, and distance education courses.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has been established by the Government of India to maintain the standard of education in the country. It is responsible for the recognition of universities, the disbursement of grants, and the maintenance of standards in higher education. In this public notice, the UGC has drawn attention to the violations of regulations by some private universities and provided guidelines to students and the public to avoid falling prey to fraudulent universities.

  1. Private Universities Approved by UGC According to the UGC, Private Universities established by the Acts of the Legislatures of different states are authorized to award degrees specified by the UGC under Section 22 of the UGC Act. Universities are required to maintain minimum standards for academic and physical infrastructure laid down by the concerned statutory council.
  2. Restrictions on Private Universities Private Universities are not allowed to affiliate an institution or establish off-campus centers beyond the territorial jurisdiction of the concerned state. They can only establish off-campus centers within the state after their existence of five years and with prior approval from the UGC. No off-campus centers of any Private University have been approved by the UGC so far. Courses under distance mode can be started only after prior approval from the UGC.
  3. Information for Students and the Public Students and the public are advised to go through the UGC website carefully before taking admission in any Private University other than those listed above. The Distance Education bureau of UGC can provide information about the validity of courses offered under distance mode.
  4. UGC Regulations for Private Universities Private Universities shall provide relevant information relating to degree and post-graduate programs, including curriculum, teaching and learning processes, examination and evaluation systems, and eligibility criteria for admission of students to the UGC before starting these programs. The UGC will inform the university of any shortcomings in conformity to relevant regulations for rectification before offering the programs.

Here is full List by UGC – State Wise, you can also download it from official website

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle

We hope this notice helps you in making an informed decision about private universities in India. The UGC is committed to ensuring the quality of education in the country and urges students and the public to be vigilant while choosing their educational institution. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow our updates to stay informed about the latest developments in higher education.

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