The Department of Posts’ Swachhata Revolution: A Decade of Dedication

The Department of Posts' Swachhata Revolution: A Decade of Dedication
The Department of Posts' Swachhata Revolution: A Decade of Dedication

Explore the Department of Posts’ extraordinary commitment to Swachhata, governance, and public participation over the past decade, leading up to Special Campaign 3.0 in October 2023.

In a relentless pursuit of cleanliness, good governance, and inclusive participation, the Department of Posts has embarked on a transformative journey that extends across a decade. With Special Campaign 3.0 slated for October 2023, the Department is gearing up to elevate its commitment to Swachhata and foster greater “Jan Bhagidaari” (public participation) during the National Postal Week. Let’s delve into the Department’s commendable efforts and achievements thus far.

A Decade of Dedication

Over the past ten years, the Department of Posts has continuously strived to enhance the service environment for customers and create a conducive working atmosphere for its employees. This commitment is not merely a declaration but is substantiated by tangible actions and innovative practices. As we explore their journey, it becomes evident that the Department’s “Jan Bhagidaari” approach is ingrained in all its special programs.

Highlights of Special Campaign 2.0

Special Campaign 2.0, spanning from October 2 to 31, 2022, and continuing until August 2023, was a comprehensive initiative that left no stone unturned in the pursuit of cleanliness and good governance. It touched every facet of the Department’s operations, from its headquarters in DakBhawan to its extensive network of 24,000 field sub post offices across the nation.

Here are some noteworthy achievements from this remarkable campaign:

  1. Digital Transformation: A total of 840 e-files were successfully closed, streamlining administrative processes and reducing paper usage.
  2. Efficient File Management: Approximately 6 lakh files were systematically weeded out, optimizing document management.
  3. Cleanliness Drive: 24,000 sites were cleaned during October 2022, and an additional 6713 sites were addressed in follow-up swachhta activities from November 2022 to August 2023.
  4. Economic Sustainability: The Department earned a substantial revenue of around 2.9 crores through the disposal of scrap materials, contributing to financial sustainability.
  5. Public Satisfaction: More than 2,90,000 public grievances were efficiently resolved, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  6. Space Optimization: An impressive 1,13,289 square feet of space was reclaimed, furthering the Department’s efficient use of resources.

Best Practices that Set the Standard

Special Campaign 2.0 also introduced several best practices that have become benchmarks for sustainable governance and environmental responsibility:

  1. Sealing Wax Transition: The Department phased out sealing wax, replacing it with eco-friendly, recyclable seals. This move not only preserved the ecosystem but also ensured the well-being of its staff.
  2. Swachhta Wall Art: A total of 888 walls were adorned with vibrant art conveying the Swachhta message, aligning with local culture and fostering community engagement.
  3. Solar Power Revolution: DakBhawan witnessed a significant transformation with the installation of solar panels on its rooftop. This initiative resulted in substantial monthly savings, amounting to around 4 lakhs, underlining the Department’s commitment to sustainable practices.
  4. Innovative Parcel Café: Within the Kolkata General Post Office (GPO), a unique café was established using discarded items, including old sorting tables. This café, which also incorporates a parcel packaging unit, exemplifies resourcefulness and sustainability.

Looking Ahead with Special Campaign 3.0

As the Department prepares for Special Campaign 3.0, coinciding with a decade of Swachhata initiatives, it anticipates a journey that will not only consolidate past efforts but also chart a visionary roadmap for the future. The focus is on garnering support from all stakeholders within the national postal network and promoting “Jan Chetana” (public awareness) and “Jan Bhagidaari” (public participation) activities tailored to the socio-geographic context of each community surrounding post offices.

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In conclusion, the Department of Posts has exemplified unwavering commitment to Swachhata, good governance, and inclusive public participation. Their journey over the past decade has showcased innovation, sustainability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. As Special Campaign 3.0 approaches, the Department’s dedication to Delivering Happiness to Each One, Everywhere remains resolute.

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