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23rd May 2023: Top Morning Updates

23rd May 2023: Get the latest morning updates with the most important news and highlights of the day, keeping you informed and up to date.| Current Affairs in Hindi and English | Current Affair in PDF Available to download

Good morning! Welcome to our daily morning updates, where we bring you the latest news and highlights from around the world. Whether you’re enjoying your morning coffee or commuting to work, we’ve got you covered with the essential information you need to start your day.

1. India-US Working Group on Education and Skill Development: Enhancing Cooperation for Skilling and Education

India-US Working Group on Education and Skill Development virtually launched to enhance cooperation and collaboration in education and skill development. Both sides recognize the importance of skilling and vocational education, fostering academic and cultural exchange, promoting innovation and knowledge-sharing. Discussions focused on skilling, certification, matchmaking between educational institutions, and engaging with the private sector. The groups emphasized partnerships to address skills gaps, enhance employability, and promote entrepreneurship. They also highlighted the significance of certification and recognition, matchmaking between higher educational institutions, and engagement with the private sector. The need for expeditious visa issuance for student and faculty exchanges was emphasized. Both sides expressed commitment to strengthen cooperation in education and skill development.

2. Garden Reach Shipbuilders Launches GAINS 2023 Startup Challenge for Shipbuilding Innovation

Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE) Ltd has launched the GRSE Accelerated Innovation Nurturing Scheme (GAINS) 2023, a startup challenge aimed at encouraging innovative solutions in shipbuilding. The initiative, supported by the Indian government, seeks to leverage the expertise and ideas of young innovators to revolutionize the industry. GRSE, a leading shipyard with a history of technological advancements, aims to become a future-ready shipyard through open innovation and partnerships with startups. The GAINS 2023 Challenge focuses on artificial intelligence, renewable energy, and efficiency enhancement. Participants are required to submit detailed proposals, and the best ideas will be selected and nurtured. For more information, visit the GRSE website.

3. National Workshop on Assessment: Promoting Equivalence and Fairness in School Boards

The Ministry of Education and PARAKH organized a workshop on assessment in New Delhi. The workshop aimed to establish a common platform for school boards across states and union territories. The focus was on achieving equivalence and fairness in assessments, promoting holistic approaches, and standardizing question papers. The need for aligning curriculum standards and grading systems was emphasized. The workshop was attended by various education officials and stakeholders. An analysis of examination results was also presented.

4. International Yoga Day 2023: AIIA Kicks Off Celebrations with Exciting Events and Collaborative Research

AIIA begins International Yoga Day 2023 celebrations with various events and activities. Dr. Hansa Yogendra emphasizes the importance of applying knowledge and practicing yoga for a balanced and healthy life. Dr. Tanuja Nesari highlights the global impact of Yoga Day and its alignment with AIIA’s vision. The institute also conducts collaborative research with IIT Delhi on the effects of Bhramari Pranayam.

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5. Government Securities Auction: 7.17% GS 2030, 7.41% GS 2036, and 7.40% GS 2062 for Sale

The Government of India is holding an auction to sell three types of government securities: ‘7.17% GS 2030,’ ‘7.41% GS 2036,’ and ‘7.40% GS 2062.’ The auctions will be conducted by the Reserve Bank of India on May 26, 2023. Interested individuals and institutions can submit competitive and non-competitive bids electronically. The results will be announced on May 26, 2023, with payment due on May 29, 2023. The securities will be eligible for trading before their official issuance.

6. Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya to Address 76th World Health Assembly: Focus on Universal Health Coverage and Global Collaborations

Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya will represent India at the 76th World Health Assembly in Geneva. He will address various topics including Universal Health Coverage, Public Health Emergencies, Health & Well-being, and a more efficient World Health Organization. He will participate in bilateral meetings and media interactions with representatives from several countries, and emphasize the importance of global collaborations for achieving Universal Health Coverage.

7. Aadhaar Authentication Surges in April 2023: 1.96 Billion Transactions, 19% Increase YoY

In April 2023, Aadhaar authentication saw a significant increase with 1.96 billion transactions, a 19% rise compared to the previous year. Fingerprint-based authentication was the most common method, followed by demographic and OTP-based authentication. Aadhaar saturation reached 94.8% across all age groups, indicating widespread adoption. Aadhaar-enabled services like AePS and e-KYC facilitated last-mile banking and transparent customer experiences, with over 250 million e-KYC transactions in April alone. Overall, Aadhaar continues to play a crucial role in India’s digital infrastructure and supports the government’s vision of improving residents’ quality of life.

8. G20 Startup20 Engagement Group Releases First Draft Policy Communique: Public Comments Invited

The G20’s Startup20 Engagement Group, led by India, has released the first draft of its core Recommendation and Policy Directives for public comments. Stakeholders from around the world, including startups, investors, policymakers, and ecosystem builders, are encouraged to provide feedback to ensure the document reflects their concerns. The draft is available for review on the official Startup20 website, and the public comment period will remain open until May 27, 2023. The final version of the Policy Communique` will incorporate valuable inputs from stakeholders to shape the future of the global startup ecosystem. The Startup20 Engagement Group aims to promote innovation, growth, and collaboration in the startup ecosystem through dialogue and policy development.

9. Sri Lanka President Wickremesinghe’s Visit to Singapore and Japan: Strengthening Bilateral Relations and Regional Cooperation

Sri Lanka President Wickremesinghe is going on an official visit to Singapore and Japan. In Singapore, he will meet with the Law and Home Affairs Minister. In Japan, he will have discussions with the Prime Minister and participate in a conference on the future of Asia. The visit aims to strengthen bilateral relations and promote cooperation between Sri Lanka and Japan.

10. India’s Forex Reserves Surge to One-Year High, Nearing $600 Billion Mark

India’s foreign exchange reserves reached a one-year high, nearing the $600 billion mark. The Reserve Bank of India reported a significant increase of $3.553 billion, bringing the total reserves to $599.529 billion. The country’s foreign currency assets rose to $529.598 billion, and gold reserves increased to $46.353 billion. The decline in reserves in 2022 was attributed to higher import costs and RBI’s interventions to defend the rupee against the US dollar. The RBI actively monitors and intervenes in the foreign exchange markets to maintain stability and promote smooth currency transactions.

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