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Today’s Daily Current Affairs in Hindi & English PDF | 26th May 2023

Get the latest Daily Current Affairs in Hindi & English PDF for 26th May 2023. Stay informed about important news and events happening around the world.

In today’s fast-paced world, staying updated with current affairs is crucial. Our daily PDF provides a concise summary of important news in Hindi and English, ensuring you don’t miss out on the latest happenings.

Today’s Daily Current Affairs in Hindi & English PDF | 26th May 2023

1. National

1.1 PM Narendra Modi Inaugurates Khelo India University Games 2022: A Spectacular Sporting Event in Uttar Pradesh

PM Narendra Modi virtually inaugurated the Khelo India University Games 2022 in Uttar Pradesh. Over 4,000 athletes from across India participated in the tournament, with a focus on skills, strategy, and patience. PM Modi praised the Uttar Pradesh government for organizing the event, which he believed would elevate the sports environment in universities.

The Games aimed to foster team spirit and cultural exchanges among players from different states. PM Modi declared the Games open, and the event featured a captivating show highlighting Indian culture and tradition. The torch relay involved over 500,000 people, and sustainability was emphasized during the Games. The official anthem, “Khelo India – Har Dil Mein Desh,” was performed by Kailash Kher. The Games saw strong support from fans in Lucknow, Varanasi, GB Nagar, Gorakhpur, and New Delhi.

1.2 INS Vikrant Achieves Historic Night Landing Milestone for MiG-29K Aircraft: Indian Navy

INS Vikrant, India’s first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier, has successfully completed extensive sea trials and is currently undergoing Air Certification and Flight Integration Trials. The carrier achieved a significant milestone by conducting the first night landing of the MiG-29K, showcasing the skill and professionalism of the Indian Navy and its pilots.

1.3 India Achieves Rapid 5G Rollout: 200,000 Sites Installed, Including Chardhams

India has achieved one of the fastest 5G rollouts globally, with 200,000 sites installed across 700 districts, including the Chardhams. The high-speed connectivity will benefit pilgrims and enable remote villages to stay connected. 5G technology offers seamless coverage, low latency, high speed, and reliable communication, making it a game changer in various sectors. India is also preparing for 6G technology and has over 100 patents in this field. The country’s technological capabilities have attracted interest from developed nations like the USA.

1.4 New Indian Parliament Building: A Symbol of Power and Progress in Indian Democracy

The new Parliament building in India represents the power and progress of Indian democracy. The old building was inadequate in terms of space and technology. The new building has state-of-the-art facilities and can accommodate more members. It is a symbol of India’s democratic spirit and self-reliance. The building incorporates Indian culture and showcases regional arts. It is energy-efficient and designed with safety standards in mind. The Prime Minister will install a historic golden sceptre during the dedication ceremony. The new building is seen as a landmark opportunity to create a Parliament that reflects the needs and aspirations of “New India.”

2. International

2.1 Bangladesh Marks 124th Birth Anniversary of National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam

Bangladesh commemorates the 124th birth anniversary of national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. Various programs were organized across the country, paying tribute to the poet’s memory. Kazi Nazrul Islam was a prolific poet, musician, and revolutionary known for his fiery writings against injustice. He composed over 2000 songs and advocated for a non-communal and exploitation-free society. After Bangladesh gained independence, he was declared the national poet by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

2.2 India’s EAM Confident in Growing India-US Ties; Discusses Progress with US Ambassador

India’s External Affairs Minister, Dr. Jaishankar, expressed confidence in the growth of India-US ties during a meeting with the US Ambassador, Eric Garcetti. They discussed the progress in the relationship and the recent Quad Summit. The meeting between Dr. Jaishankar and Ambassador Garcetti took place after the US State Department spokesperson highlighted the significance of the India-US partnership. In another development, Dr. Jaishankar also held talks with Nepal’s Ambassador to India, focusing on the deep and multifaceted India-Nepal partnership. Both sides expressed their commitment to strengthening the relationship.

2.3 G20 India’s Efforts to Tackle Global Corruption: Updates and Initiatives

G20 India is addressing global corruption through its Anti-Corruption Working Group meeting. The focus is on international cooperation, transparency, and accountability in the public sector. India is compiling good practices to enhance the role of auditing and preparing an Accountability Report for 2023. A side event on gender sensitivity and anti-corruption strategies is also taking place. Corruption is a global challenge that requires collective efforts for effective solutions.

2.4 Discover Indian Finesse: 45 Brands Showcasing Bespoke Offerings at The Hotel Show Dubai 2023

The Hotel Show Dubai 2023 is showcasing Indian finesse from 45 brands offering bespoke offerings. The event features premium interior design brands representing various sectors, and buyers from the GCC region are expected to attend. The Indian pavilion was inaugurated by Consul Shri K Kalimuthu. The trade show covers hospitality technology, operating supplies & equipment, and food services. It provides networking sessions, conferences, and discussions on topics like sustainability and digital transformation. The event presents opportunities for attendees to explore partnerships and new business prospects.

2.5 India’s G20 Aims to Tackle Food and Energy Challenges Amid Global Insecurity

India’s G20 presidency aims to tackle food and energy challenges, as the number of food-insecure people globally is projected to double this year. The debate on protecting civilians from conflict-induced food insecurity highlighted the disproportionate impact on countries in the Global South, worsened by conflicts in Ukraine and Afghanistan. India has provided humanitarian assistance, emphasizing equity, affordability, and accessibility in food grain distribution. India seeks to address current challenges to food and energy security, support vulnerable communities, and provide capacity-building aid. Food insecurity is interconnected with poverty, climate change, and social instability, requiring urgent attention for humanitarian, economic, and environmental reasons.

2.6 US Implements Visa Restrictions on Election Meddlers in Bangladesh, Says Assistant Secretary of State

US visa restrictions will apply to individuals giving and taking orders that impede free and fair elections in Bangladesh, according to US Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu. The new visa policy aims to prevent violence and promote fair elections, covering areas such as voter intimidation, vote rigging, denial of free speech, and election-related violence. Immediate family members of those affected will also be denied visas. Lu emphasized that the policy is intended to be fair and constructive to both the government and the opposition. The US denies that the action was taken in retaliation for reduced security to the US Ambassador. State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam stated that the government is committed to fair elections and that the opposition should be concerned about the visa restrictions.

2.7 76th World Health Assembly: Bilateral Meetings with Member Countries & Praise for India’s Achievements in Health

Union Health Minister Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya conducted bilateral meetings with member countries at the 76th World Health Assembly. India’s achievements in digital health, pharmaceuticals, and health system strengthening were praised by Jamaica. Various collaborations and shared priorities were discussed, including healthcare and pharma sectors, vaccine support, and research and innovation. India’s G20 health priorities were appreciated by Oman and Brazil, while discussions with other countries focused on fortifying healthcare systems and disease eradication.

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3. Business

3.1 India’s Fastest Supercomputer ‘AIRAWAT’ Ranks 75th Worldwide, Revolutionizing Weather Forecasting and AI Advancements

India is set to acquire its fastest supercomputer, ‘AIRAWAT,’ which is ranked 75th in the world. The supercomputer, worth 900 crore rupees, will benefit various sectors and improve weather forecasting from 12 to 6 kilometers. This achievement positions India as a leading nation in AI supercomputing. The supercomputer is part of the National Program on AI by the Government of India and will have nearly three times the capability of the current fastest supercomputer, ‘Mihir.’

India’s weather forecasting capabilities have been rapidly improving, and the country is extending its services to neighboring countries. India also has a strong ecosystem and competitive advantage in AI, with abundant data availability, a robust digital economy, and a skilled workforce. The focus areas for AI development in India include natural language processing, image processing, pattern recognition, agriculture, medical imaging, education, healthcare, audio assistance, robotics, and strategic sectors. The goal is to utilize AI to address society’s pressing issues and improve the economy for a better world.

4. Sports

4.1 Neeraj Chopra to Train in Finland, Payas Jain Heads to Taiwan: MOC Approves Proposals for Olympic Gold Medalist and Table Tennis Player

Olympic Gold Medalist Neeraj Chopra’s proposal to train in Finland and Table Tennis Player Payas Jain’s proposal to train in Taiwan have been approved by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MYAS) Mission Olympic Cell (MOC). Neeraj will train at the Kuortane Olympic Training Centre in Finland to prepare for upcoming tournaments, while Payas Jain will have an advance training camp in Taiwan. The MOC also approved the proposals of Manika Batra and Sathiyan Gnanasekaran, who will be accompanied by their personal coaches for various events. Additionally, Rower Salman Khan has been included in the Target Olympic Podium Scheme’s (TOPS) Development group.

4.2 Archer Aditya Choudhary Sets Sights on Paris Olympics, Prepares for Khelo India University Games 2022

Archer Aditya Choudhary, a TOPS development athlete, is preparing for the Khelo India University Games 2022 and aims to compete in the Paris Olympics. He has previously won medals in national and international archery events and sees the university games as an opportunity for new athletes to gain international exposure. Aditya is determined to participate in the Paris Olympics and draws inspiration from senior archers and successful international archers.

4.3 Prannoy HS and PV Sindhu Reach Malaysia Masters 2023 Quarterfinals

Prannoy HS and PV Sindhu advance to quarterfinals at Malaysia Masters 2023. Prannoy defeated Li Shi Feng in a comeback victory, while Sindhu beat Aya Ohori. They will compete in the next round. Lakshya Sen and Kidambi Srikanth will play later.

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