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Today’s Daily Current Affairs in Hindi PDF | 25th May 2023

Get the most important daily current affairs news in Hindi with our daily PDF. Stay informed and ahead of the game.

In today’s fast-paced world, staying updated with current affairs is crucial. Our daily current affairs PDF in Hindi provides you with a comprehensive overview of the top news and events happening around the globe. Whether you are a student preparing for competitive exams or an individual seeking to enhance your knowledge, our PDF will keep you informed and well-prepared.

1. National

1.1 Fastest 5G Rollout in India: 200,000 Sites Installed in 8 Months, Nationwide Coverage Achieved

The Indian government has achieved one of the fastest 5G rollouts in the world, with 200,000 sites installed in just 8 months, covering all states and union territories. The launch of the 200,000th 5G site at Gangotri and the dedication of fiber connectivity to the Char Dham pilgrimage sites were celebrated. The high-speed internet and mobile coverage will benefit pilgrims and improve disaster management. The government is also working on extending telecom connectivity to remote villages through various initiatives in Uttarakhand.

1.2 North Eastern Region: A New Growth Engine for Global Collaboration and Investment

Minister G Kishan Reddy highlights the North Eastern Region’s potential as a new growth engine and calls for global collaboration at an Ambassadors’ meeting. He emphasizes the diverse opportunities available to global investors, the region’s abundant natural resources, cultural diversity, and strategic location for trade. The Minister encourages collaboration in the tourism sector and emphasizes the government’s commitment to fostering innovation and sustainable development. Ambassadors express interest in exploring opportunities in the region.

1.3 International Conference on Chemicals and Petrochemicals: Sustainable Transitions through Green Technologies and Digitalization

An international conference on chemicals and petrochemicals focused on sustainable transitions through green technologies and digitalization was held in New Delhi. The ministers emphasized the sector’s importance in the Indian economy and the government’s priority areas. The rapid growth of the Indian economy was highlighted, and efforts to achieve self-reliance in urea production were discussed. The chemical sector is de-licensed and deregulated, with a focus on attracting green investments. The conference covered topics such as sustainability, net-zero goals, R&D, technology, and skills for a sustainable ecosystem. Delegates from various countries attended the conference.

1.4 India to Acquire Fastest Supercomputer: Boosting Weather Forecasting Capabilities

India will acquire its fastest supercomputer worth Rs 900 crore, expected to start operating by March next year. The new computer will significantly enhance weather forecasting capabilities with a resolution of 6 km. It will have three times the capability of the current fastest supercomputer in India. The National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF) in Noida is a leading institution and will benefit various sectors and individuals in the country. India’s weather forecasting has been improving under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and they are also providing weather forecasts to neighboring countries. The NCMRWF is also the host of the BIMSTEC Centre on Weather and Climate (BCWC), a regional group comprising seven member states.

1.5 “Sacred ‘Sengol’ to be Installed by PM Modi at New Parliament Building Inauguration

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will install the sacred ‘Sengol,’ a golden sceptre symbolizing fair governance, during the inauguration of the new Parliament building. The sceptre was originally given to Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru during the transfer of power from the British to Indians. The tradition dates back to the Chola dynasty and holds significance in Tamil culture. The event aims to connect India’s cultural heritage with the present. A website has been launched to provide information and videos about the Sengol.

1.6 National Workshop on NeVA: Making State Legislatures Paperless & Integrated

National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA) is organizing a two-day workshop in New Delhi to make state legislatures paperless and integrate them onto a single platform. The objective is to promote transparency and efficiency through technology. NeVA is a part of the Digital India Programme and has already made progress with 21 state legislatures signing MoUs and funds being released for implementation. Nine legislatures are already fully digital. The workshop will involve sessions on various aspects of NeVA, including experiences of live legislatures and discussions on implementing the platform.

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2. International

2.1 India and Australia Sign Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement, Establish New Consulate-General in Bengaluru

India and Australia have signed a Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement to promote the orderly movement of students, researchers, professionals, and academics between the two countries. The agreement aims to strengthen the living bridge between India and Australia. Additionally, Australia has announced the establishment of a new Consulate-General in Bengaluru to connect Australian businesses to India’s digital and innovation ecosystem.

2.2 World Malayalee Council Business Meet in Muscat Elects Office Bearers

World Malayalee Council Business Meet held in Muscat, elects office bearers. The event emphasized the importance of technological expertise in commerce and featured discussions with global leaders. Shri Santosh Kettath was elected as the Chairman, supported by Shri Vineesh Mohan as the President and Shri Rajeev Kumar as the General Secretary.

2.3 Health Minister Mandaviya Promotes ‘Heal in India & Heal by India’ at World Health Assembly: Highlights of Global Health Initiatives and Collaborations

Health Minister Mandaviya emphasized health emergency preparedness, access to medical countermeasures, and digital health at the World Health Assembly. He discussed collaborations with the US and Iran in healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. He proposed a Global Medical Countermeasures Platform and Global Initiative for Digital Health. The Minister highlighted India’s Ni-Kshay platform for tuberculosis eradication. He also presented the ‘Heal in India and Heal by India’ initiatives, aiming to provide quality healthcare and increase health workforce mobility. The Minister noted the growing demand for Ayurveda and other traditional treatments worldwide.

2.4 India and Saudi Arabia Strengthen Naval Cooperation: Increased Training and Instructor Exchange

India and Saudi Arabia are exploring deeper naval cooperation through increased training opportunities and an instructor exchange program. The focus is on expanding training slots for Saudi naval personnel at Indian Naval training institutes and fostering professional relationships between the two naval forces. The visit highlights the commitment of both nations to strengthen their maritime capabilities, enhance regional security, and strengthen bilateral ties.

3. Business

3.1 G20 ECSWG Meeting in Mumbai: Priorities, Commitments, and Outcomes

G20 ECSWG meeting in Mumbai, under India’s presidency, focused on land degradation, circular economy, and the blue economy. The meeting had 141 delegates from G20 countries and 10 invitee countries, along with 14 international and regional organizations. Side events included a successful beach clean-up and an Ocean 20 Dialogue. Discussions were held on the draft ministerial communique, aiming for collaborative and inclusive outcomes. The meeting concluded with plans for virtual meetings leading up to the final ECSWG meeting in Chennai.

4. Sports

4.1 India vs Nepal: Semi-Finals of NSC CAVA Women’s Volleyball Challenge Cup 2023

India and Nepal competed in the semi-finals of the NSC CAVA Women’s Volleyball Challenge Cup. The Indian team emerged as the winner of Group A and will advance to the final match on May 28, 2023.

4.2 Yash Ghanghas: Rising Judoka & KIUG Advocate | Olympics & Asian Games Hopeful

Yash Ghanghas, a TOPS Development Judoka, believes that the Khelo India University Games (KIUG) is the best platform for grassroots athletes. He aims to win medals in the Olympics and Asian Games, and views KIUG as beneficial for young talents, providing scholarships and training opportunities. Yash’s entry into Judo was accidental, but he fell in love with the sport and has participated in various national and international events. While he hopes to compete in the 2024 Olympics, he is focusing on the 2028 Olympics due to limited qualifying points. Yash plans to participate in multiple international events to improve his ranking.

4.3 Khelo India University Games Kick Off with Kabaddi in UP, Showcasing 4000+ Athletes from 200 Universities

The Khelo India University Games began with kabaddi in Uttar Pradesh, featuring over 4000 athletes from 200 universities in 21 sports. The opening ceremony will be held on May 25, 2023. ABVVU lost to Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University in the women’s kabaddi category. HP University won against HCY University in the women’s category, while Adamas University Kolkata lost to Guru Kashi University and Kota University defeated SRM University in the men’s category. Day two will include basketball, kabaddi, malkhambh, volleyball, table tennis, rugby, football, and tennis events.

4.4 Promising Manipuri Fencer Jetlee Singh Set to Shine at Khelo India University Games in Lucknow

Fencer Jetlee Singh, son of a dhaba owner from Manipur, is set to showcase his skills at the Khelo India University Games in Lucknow. He won two gold medals in the previous games and is confident about his performance this year. Jetlee’s father runs a dhaba, and he has been practicing at ASI Pune since 2016. He has also competed internationally and aims to win a gold medal for India in the Olympics. The Khelo India University Games will be held in multiple cities in Uttar Pradesh, with over 4,000 athletes participating in 21 sports disciplines.

4.5 CM Yogi Inspects Preparations for Khelo India University Games in UP: Divine & Grand Event with 4700+ Athletes, 21 Sports Disciplines

CM Yogi Adityanath inspects preparations for Khelo India University Games in UP. Games will be held in Varanasi, Noida, Gorakhpur, and Lucknow. CM emphasizes the need for a divine and grand event, ensuring a state-of-the-art experience for participants and guests. Specific arrangements should be made for food, housing, security, and resources. Over 4700 athletes from 200+ universities expected to participate. 21 sports disciplines, including rowing, will be featured. Shooting competition in New Delhi. Water sports introduced for the first time. Mallakhamb and Yogasana included. Games to be live telecasted.

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