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Phase 5 of Lok Sabha Elections 2024, 695 Candidates Set to Battle Across 8 States/UTs

Edukraze 09th May, 2024 – Phase 5 of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 is set to witness a significant showdown, with 695 candidates gearing up to contest across 8 States and Union Territories (UTs). The Election Commission received a substantial 1586 nomination forms for the 49 Parliamentary Constituencies (PCs) slated for polling in this phase.

The nomination filing deadline for Phase 5, spanning Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Ladakh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal, was May 3, 2024. Following meticulous scrutiny, 749 nominations were validated, paving the way for the final list of contestants.

Among the states, Maharashtra emerged at the forefront with a staggering 512 nomination forms submitted across its 13 PCs. Uttar Pradesh closely followed with 466 nominations spanning 14 PCs. Notable highlights include the Chatra Parliamentary Constituency in Jharkhand, which received the highest number of 69 nomination forms, trailed by Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh with 67 nominations.

The average number of contesting candidates per PC for Phase 5 stands at 14, indicating robust participation in the democratic process.

Here’s a breakdown of the State/UT wise details for Phase 5 of the General Election to Lok Sabha Election 2024:

  • Bihar: 5 PCs, 164 nomination forms received, 82 valid candidates after scrutiny, with 80 final contestants after withdrawal.
  • Jammu & Kashmir: 1 PC, 38 nomination forms received, 23 valid candidates after scrutiny, with 22 final contestants after withdrawal.
  • Jharkhand: 3 PCs, 148 nomination forms received, 57 valid candidates after scrutiny, with 54 final contestants after withdrawal.
  • Ladakh: 1 PC, 8 nomination forms received, 5 valid candidates after scrutiny, with 3 final contestants after withdrawal.
  • Maharashtra: 13 PCs, 512 nomination forms received, 301 valid candidates after scrutiny, with 264 final contestants after withdrawal.
  • Odisha: 5 PCs, 87 nomination forms received, 41 valid candidates after scrutiny, with 40 final contestants after withdrawal.
  • Uttar Pradesh: 14 PCs, 466 nomination forms received, 147 valid candidates after scrutiny, with 144 final contestants after withdrawal.
  • West Bengal: 7 PCs, 163 nomination forms received, 93 valid candidates after scrutiny, with 88 final contestants after withdrawal.

With Phase 5 gearing up to play a crucial role in shaping the nation’s political landscape, citizens await the unfolding of this democratic spectacle with bated breath. Stay tuned for comprehensive coverage as India marches ahead in the world’s largest democratic exercise.

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