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Project Veer Gatha Edition 3.0: Inspiring Bravery Among Students by CBSE

Discover the transformative journey of Project Veer Gatha 3.0, an initiative by CBSE to foster courage and patriotism among students through creative projects. Introduction:

Greetings to all esteemed educators and school administrators! We’re thrilled to bring you the latest initiative by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) that is sure to ignite the spirit of valor and bravery among students. Get ready to dive into the details of Project Veer Gatha Edition 3.0—an exciting opportunity for schools and students to delve into the remarkable stories of gallantry award winners and translate their courage into creative projects.

Honoring Acts of Bravery

The Indian Government has long been recognizing acts of exceptional bravery and sacrifice through gallantry awards. These awards pay tribute to the unwavering dedication of armed forces personnel, lawfully-constituted forces, and civilians who have shown exceptional courage. To ensure that the stories of these real-life heroes resonate with the younger generation, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) proposed Project Veer Gatha.

Evolution of Project Veer Gatha

Project Veer Gatha started its journey in 2021 with the first edition, followed by a successful second edition in 2022. The main objective of this project is to encourage students to undertake projects and activities based on the lives and actions of gallantry award winners. This initiative aims to instill values of courage, sacrifice, and patriotism in the hearts of young learners.

Categories and Activities

Project Veer Gatha Edition 3.0 is divided into several categories to accommodate students of different age groups. From poetry to essays, paintings to multimedia presentations, there’s a wide range of project activities to choose from. Here’s a glimpse of the categories and suggested topics:

  1. Class 3rd to 5th:
    • Poem/Paragraph/Painting
    • Exploring the life and values of a chosen gallantry award winner.
    • Keeping the memory of a fallen hero alive through creative means.
  2. Class 6th to 8th:
    • Poem/Paragraph/Painting/Multi-Media Presentation
    • Diving deeper into the heroic tales of gallantry award winners.
  3. Class 9th to 10th:
    • Poem/Essay/Painting/Multi-Media Presentation
    • Crafting an essay on the life and sacrifice of a gallant individual.
  4. Class 11th to 12th:
    • Poem/Essay/Painting/Multi-Media Presentation
    • Analyzing the impact of gallantry award winners on our nation’s history.
Categories Activities Suggestive Topics
Class 3rd to 5th Poem/ Paragraph (150 words)/ Painting (i) My role model is (Gallantry Award winner) __________. The values which I have learnt from his/her life are…………………. Or
(ii) __________(Gallantry Award winner) gave the supreme sacrifice for our nation. If given a chance for keeping his/her memory alive, I would like to…………. Or
(iii) Rani Lakshmibai came into my dream. She wanted me to serve our nation by ……………… Or
(iv) 1857 Mutiny has been marked as the First war of Indian Independence. The life story of ______ (name of the freedom fighter) motivates me to ……………… Or
(v) Role of Tribal Uprising in Freedom Struggle
Class 6th to 8th Poem/Paragraph (300 words)/Painting/Multi-Media Presentation
Class 9th to 10th Poem/Essay (750 words)/Painting/Multi-Media Presentation
Class 11th to 12th Poem/Essay (1000 words)/Painting/Multi- Media Presentation

Timeline and Submission

Schools affiliated with CBSE have until September 15, 2023, to conduct and supervise the project activities. Entries will be evaluated at the district level based on predefined rubrics. The top entries—four per school—should be uploaded on the MyGov portal dedicated to Project Veer Gatha 3.0. Schools are encouraged not to wait until the last moment for submission.

Recognition and Awards

The best entries will receive well-deserved recognition. At the national level, a “Super 100” will be selected, with 25 winners from each category. Additionally, state/UT level winners and district level winners will be chosen. The Ministry of Defence will award cash prizes and invite the winners to the Republic Day Celebration in Delhi. All participants will also receive an e-certificate of participation.

Selection Levels and Winners
National Level 100 winners (Super 100). No Veer Gatha Winner (at National Level) of earlier versions will be included in 100 winners (at National Level) of Veer Gatha Project (3.0).
  • Category: Class 3rd to 5th = 25 winners
  • Category: Class 6th to 8th = 25 winners
  • Category: Class 9th to 10th = 25 winners
  • Category: Class 11th to 12th = 25 winners
State / UT Level 04 Winners (one from each category) at State / UT level irrespective of Board (Will not include students selected in Super 100)
District Level 04 winners (one from each category). These will not include students selected in Super 100 and the students selected at State/UT level.

Resources for Inspiration

To aid in research and project creation, schools can refer to the official website of the Gallantry Awards and the NCERT book on Param Vir Chakra Awardees.


Project Veer Gatha Edition 3.0 promises to be an exceptional platform for students to learn about, honor, and commemorate the heroes who have selflessly served our nation. As educators, let’s inspire our students to engage with these stories of courage, weaving them into creative projects that celebrate the spirit of bravery. Disseminate this information widely and encourage maximum participation for a truly inspiring Project Veer Gatha 3.0!

Websites for Reference:

The following links can be referred by schools:

  1. Website to know in detail about the bravehearts.
  2. NCERT book on Param Vir Chakra Awardees at the link:

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FAQs for Veer Gatha 3.0 Project

  1. On which portal entries are to be uploaded/ submitted?
    Ans: All schools, including CBSE Affiliated Schools, shall submit entry at
  2. Can a student upload/ submit entries himself/ herself?
    Ans: No. The interested students should contact their schools for participating in the project. 04
    best entries (one from each category) will be uploaded by the school on theportal.
  3. What should be the maximum duration and size of video?
    Ans: The maximum size of video should be 5 MB and maximum duration should be 3
    minutes. Video is to be uploaded on YouTube and the link of the same is to be provided
    in the given column of the Veer Gatha portal.
  4. In which language the students may write theproject?
    Ans: The students may write the project in Hindi or English or in any of the 22 Indian scheduled
  5. Can the students form a group in order to enact a performance about the gallantry
    award winner or should it be done as an individual?
    Ans: Individual student only.
  6. In which form the project is to be done?
    Ans: The Project need not be in the written form of a file. Interdisciplinary and art-integrated
    activities like Poem, Essay, Painting, Video can be an activity to be done by individual
    students as a Project to participate.
  7. Can a student make a sculpture of Gallantry Award Winner?
    Ans: No. Only the activities as mentioned in the circular are to be done.
  8. The project should be handwritten or typed?
    Ans: It can be either handwritten or typed.
  9. What should be the format of file i.e. PDF or WORD or JPG?
    Ans: The format of different files should be as follows:
    a) Video = Video should be uploaded on YouTube and link to be provided inportal.
    b) Document Write = PDF to be uploaded
    c) Image = JPG / PNG
    In all the above formats, the file size should be 5 MB maximum.
  10. What should be the size of paper for Painting?
    Ans: The paper may be of any size. However, the student should click photo and upload
    the same with maximum file size of 5 MB in JPG/ PNG format.
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