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CBSE Reading Mission and Initiatives: Check Details Here

Explore how CBSE’s reading mission is nurturing a culture of reading among students through innovative programs and initiatives

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has taken a significant stride in nurturing a culture of reading among students with the launch of the CBSE Reading Mission. Aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020, this initiative aims to cultivate a strong reading foundation and instill a love for literature in students. In this article, we’ll delve into the key initiatives under the CBSE Reading Mission and how they contribute to creating a vibrant learning environment.

CBSE Reading App: Revolutionizing Reading

One of the cornerstones of the CBSE Reading Mission is the innovative CBSE Reading App. This digital platform is designed to reshape the way students, teachers, and schools interact with reading material. The app’s thoughtful curation aligns with the goals of the NEP by fostering higher-order skills such as creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, visualization, and idea generation. To access the CBSE Reading App:

  1. Visit your device’s App Store or Play Store.
  2. Search for “CBSE Reading App by Freadom” and install the app.
  3. Open the app and click ‘Get Started’ to create or log in to your account.

This app promises to be a valuable companion for students, teachers, and schools in the journey of education, providing access to a wealth of knowledge and learning resources.

CBSE Reading Challenge: Enhancing Reading Skills

The CBSE Reading Challenge is a yearly event aimed at boosting reading comprehension and critical thinking skills among students. This challenge is available in both Hindi and English and spans two levels: classes 6th to 7th, and classes 8th to 10th. The challenge evaluates students’ abilities in areas such as reading with comprehension and accuracy, constructing meaning from text, interpreting information, and reflecting on text quality. It involves two rounds: within-school and inter-school competitions. Participation is free, and schools can register students through the CBSE website.

CBSE Budding Authors Program: Nurturing Writing Skills

To promote “Read-To-Learn” experiences, the CBSE Budding Authors Program encourages students to explore the art of storytelling and express their creativity through writing. The program welcomes submissions in both Hindi and English and across three categories. By participating, students not only refine their writing skills but also gain confidence and self-expression. Detailed guidelines and registration information are available on the CBSE Academic website.

Celebrating Reading: Panicker National Reading Day, Week, and Month

In alignment with the P.N. Panicker Foundation’s efforts, the CBSE celebrates the joy of reading through various activities. These include recommending books, hosting online sessions with authors and storytellers, conducting reading sessions, organizing debates, creating audio stories, designing story maps, and even hosting book character costume parties. These engaging activities celebrate the magic of reading and encourage students to develop a lifelong love for literature.


The CBSE Reading Mission and its associated initiatives signify a dedicated effort to instill a reading culture among students. Through the CBSE Reading App, Reading Challenge, Budding Authors Program, and celebrations of reading weeks and days, the CBSE is fostering an environment where learning, creativity, and imagination flourish. These initiatives promise to equip students with essential literacy skills, enrich their educational journey, and empower them for personal growth.

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