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Today’s Daily Current Affairs in Hindi & English PDF | 31st May 2023

Get the latest daily current affairs in Hindi & English PDF for 31st May 2023. Stay informed about the important events of the day.

Welcome to today’s edition of the Daily Current Affairs in Hindi & English. In this PDF, you will find a compilation of the significant news and events that occurred on 31st May 2023.

Today’s Daily Current Affairs in Hindi & English PDF | 31st May 2023

1. National

1.1 RINL Receives Greentech Safety Award 2023 for Workplace Safety Initiatives

RINL received the prestigious “Greentech Safety Award 2023” for its exceptional efforts in improving workplace safety through initiatives like using drone technology, software applications, and online safety trainings. The award was presented at the 21st Annual Greentech awards function in New Delhi. The Greentech Foundation recognized RINL for its commitment to fire, safety, health, and security management, as well as its dedication to corporate citizenship and sustainability. The jury members also commended RINL for using drones for inspections, developing safety tracking software, and conducting safety trainings online.

1.2 Mission LiFE: Promoting Sustainable Living and Environmental Awareness in India

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change in India is promoting sustainable living through the Mission LiFE initiative. They are conducting a mass mobilization campaign to raise awareness and encourage responsible use of resources. The Environmental Information, Awareness, Capacity Building and Livelihood Programme (EIACP) and Eco-clubs are actively involved in spreading the message.

Various events, competitions, and initiatives have been organized to engage individuals and institutions in pro-environment activities. Additionally, organizations like the National Museum of Natural History and Zoological Survey of India have taken part in the mobilization drive. The GB Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment and Sikkim Regional Centre have conducted awareness programs and interactions to promote Mission LiFE. The National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management organized a clean-up event and awareness campaign at Vembanad Lake to highlight the importance of wetland conservation and responsible behaviors.

1.3 Startup20-Embassy Meetup at Atal Innovation Mission: Shaping Policies for Global Startups

The Startup20 engagement group hosted an Embassy meetup at Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, with the goal of shaping policies for global startups. Representatives from various countries actively participated in discussions and provided input on the Policy Communiqué draft. The meeting set the stage for future events and emphasized the importance of collaboration in building a strong global startup ecosystem.

1.4 BPCL R&D Unveils Innovations & Sustainability Agenda: Crude Oil Sourcing, Refinery Optimization, and Energy Conservation

Bharat Petroleum’s R&D division unveiled pioneering innovations and the company’s sustainability agenda. They have developed groundbreaking technologies for rapid crude oil sourcing and real-time refinery monitoring and optimization. Additionally, they have created a high-efficiency LPG burner for energy conservation. The R&D division has filed 164 patents for cutting-edge innovations. BPCL is focused on leveraging talent, innovation, and technology to be the first choice for customers while reducing their environmental footprint. They have also achieved significant milestones in the digital space and are working on developing an energy-efficient PNG burner to reduce import dependency.

1.5 Climate Variations in Indus River Valley: Insights from Ancient Lake Sediments in Ladakh

Ancient lake sediment deposits from the Indus River valley in Ladakh have provided valuable information about climate variations between 19.6 and 6.1 thousand years ago. Researchers reconstructed climate records and identified periods of cold aridity, strong monsoons, weakening monsoons, and enhanced El Nino activities. The Ladakh region is an important location for understanding atmospheric circulations and climate changes. By studying sediment deposits in lakes, scientists gained insights into past climate changes. The study sheds light on the transition from glacial to interglacial climate and the vulnerability of mountain regions to climate shifts. The findings improve our understanding of climate variability and the evolution of the Indian Summer Monsoon and westerly winds during the deglaciation period.

1.6 Promotion of Hindi as Official Language: Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya Stresses Unity and Progress at Hindi Advisory Committee Meeting

Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya, Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers, emphasized the promotion of Hindi as it aligns with the vision of a united and prosperous India. He highlighted the government’s commitment to implementing Hindi as the official language and recognized its significance in reflecting national and cultural unity. The Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers has established measures to ensure compliance with the official language policy, and the minister presented awards to commend efforts in promoting Hindi. The Hindi Advisory Committee meetings provide a platform for discussions on achieving the goal of Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat. The event was attended by several dignitaries and representatives.

1.7 Union Home Minister Amit Shah reviews security situation in Manipur with senior officials

TL;DR: Union Home Minister Amit Shah visited Manipur and held discussions with civil society organizations, including women leaders and student groups. He emphasized the importance of peace and prosperity in the state. Shah also met with prominent personalities, intellectuals, and retired Army officers, who expressed their commitment to restoring normalcy. He held an all-party meeting, reviewed the security situation with senior officials of the police and army, and will continue his visit to other areas of Manipur. In another news, Tele-Law has provided legal services to 40 lakh beneficiaries.

Tele-Law, a program launched by the Ministry of Law in India in 2017, has successfully provided legal services to 40 lakh beneficiaries. The program connects people in need of legal aid with panel lawyers through video conferencing and telephonic facilities. It is part of the government’s efforts to promote inclusivity and accessibility in the judicial system. Tele-law has gained popularity due to its convenience, cost-effectiveness, and time-saving nature. While technology has modernized courts in India, certain legal matters still require in-person interactions or court appearances. The National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG) is another initiative aimed at reducing case pendency and facilitating policy decisions through real-time case data.

2. International

2.1 India’s President Hosts King of Cambodia, Focuses on Bilateral Relations and Tourism Boost

India’s President hosted the King of Cambodia and highlighted the importance of increasing tourism and people-to-people contacts to enhance bilateral relations. They also discussed trade, investment, and defense cooperation, emphasizing India’s commitment to developing countries. The President expressed India’s support for Cambodia’s nation-building efforts and emphasized the strong bond between the two countries based on shared history and values.

2.2 India-Singapore Partnership Strengthens Collaboration in Skill Development and Education

India’s Education Minister, Dharmendra Pradhan, held talks with Singapore’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Vivian Balakrishnan, to strengthen collaboration in education and skill development. They discussed fortifying the India-Singapore Knowledge Partnership and expanding bilateral cooperation. Pradhan also emphasized the importance of global university collaborations and highlighted potential areas of partnership such as AI, FinTech, sustainability, and climate action. The ministers agreed to work together to create opportunities for lifelong learning and develop a future-ready workforce. Pradhan also met with other key ministers and discussed integrating skills qualification with higher education qualification frameworks, learning from Singapore’s best practices, and strengthening skill development linkages.

2.3 India-Bangladesh S&T Cooperation: Catalyst for Common Developmental Solutions

India and Bangladesh believe that cooperation in Science and Technology (S&T) is crucial for addressing common developmental challenges. High Commissioner Pranay Verma emphasized the value of S&T cooperation during a joint scientific symposium in Dhaka. The symposium, based on a memorandum of understanding between the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR), aims to foster collaboration between Indian and Bangladeshi scientists.

Verma highlighted India’s advancements in various areas and expressed the potential for India to become a global leader. He also emphasized that collaboration between the two countries can generate unique perspectives and solutions that align with their developmental goals. The cooperation involves information exchange, joint projects, capacity development, technology transfer, and joint research in various fields.

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3. Business

3.1 MeitY Invites Applications for PLI 2.0: Boosting IT Hardware Manufacturing in India

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) in India has announced the opening of applications for the Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme 2.0 for IT Hardware. The scheme aims to enhance India’s manufacturing capabilities and exports. It encourages localization of components and sub-assemblies, provides flexibility for applicants, and includes semiconductor design and manufacturing as incentivized components. The scheme has a budget of ₹17,000 crore and is expected to generate additional jobs and boost electronics manufacturing. The scheme is open to global, hybrid, and domestic companies. More information can be found at the provided URL.

3.2 NHPC Reports 8% Increase in Profit After Tax for FY 2022-23

NHPC, India’s premier hydropower company, has reported an 8% increase in Profit After Tax (PAT) for FY 2022-23, reaching Rs 3834 Crore. The company achieved a consolidated net profit of Rs 3890 Crore, indicating a 10% increase. NHPC’s power stations generated 24907 Million Units (MUs) during this period. The Board of Directors recommended a final dividend of Rs 0.45 per equity share, resulting in a total dividend of Rs 1.85 per share for FY 2022-23. NHPC currently has an installed capacity of 7097.2 MW and is involved in the construction of various power projects.

3.3 Simplified Process for Heliport License Grant: DGCA’s Streamlined Application System

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has simplified the process for obtaining a Heliport License. Previously, applicants had to apply to five different organizations for NOC/Clearance. Now, the applications can be routed through a single tab in the applicant’s eGCA profile. This change has made the process easier and more streamlined. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has been focused on improving ease of doing business and launched the eGCA portal to enhance DGCA’s services. The Ministry has also launched UDAN 5.1 to improve connectivity to remote areas, including through helicopters.

3.4 Deadline Extension for TRAI’s Consultation Paper on Definition of International Traffic

The last date for submitting comments and counter comments on TRAI’s Consultation Paper on “Definition of International Traffic” has been extended to June 20, 2023, and July 04, 2023, respectively. Stakeholders can send their comments electronically to Shri Akhilesh Kumar Trivedi at, and for any clarifications, they can contact Shri Akhilesh Kumar Trivedi at +91-11-23210481.

4. Sports

4.1 Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik Buys First Ticket for Intercontinental Cup 2023: Football Tournament in Bhubaneswar

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik buys the first ticket for the Intercontinental Cup 2023, a football tournament featuring India, Lebanon, Mongolia, and Vanuatu. The event will be held in Bhubaneswar from 9-18 June. Odisha has been a host for various football events and is emerging as a football hub, with strong support from the government and local teams. The tournament will begin with Lebanon vs. Vanuatu and India vs. Mongolia.

5. Sci-Tech

5.1 ISRO Chief Confirms Chandrayaan-3 Launch in July: India’s Next Lunar Mission

ISRO Chief confirms Chandrayaan-3 launch in July. Chandrayaan-3 is a follow-up mission to Chandrayaan-2, aiming to land on the moon’s south pole. It consists of a lander, rover, and research payloads for lunar experiments. The design has been improved for robustness. Chandrayaan-1 and Chandrayaan-2 were India’s previous lunar missions.

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